Morning News Briefs and Friday's Forecast

Posted: January 24, 2014

Winchester-Area Weather: Off to a warmer start this morning (up nearly five degrees to a balmy 3-above at 6:15). Expect another cold day today before we see a small bit of relief on Saturday. Clear skies today and a high of 21 before falling slightly overnight to a low of 15. We should finally be above freezing on Saturday with a high of 35 and overcast skies. It will quickly drop, however, and we'll see a low of 5 with 10 to 20 mph winds through the day and evening. Partly cloudy and 27 on Sunday.
No more real snow in sight, but the same can be said for warm temperatures. Saturday is the only day expected to hit the freezing mark until next Friday with Tuesday and Wednesday back in the teens for highs.

Morning News Briefs by the Associated Press for Friday, January 24, 2014

Bombings rock Egyptian capital, killing 5 people
CAIRO (AP) — Three bombings hit high-profile areas around Cairo on Friday, including a suicide car bomber who struck the city's police headquarters, killing five people in the first major attack on the Egyptian capital as insurgents step up a campaign of violence following the ouster of the Islamist president. Nobody claimed responsibility for the attacks, but they bore the hallmarks of Islamic extremists who have increasingly targeted police and the military since the July 3 coup against Mohammed Morsi and a fierce crackdown on his supporters led by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hagel vows to get to bottom of nuke missile ills
WASHINGTON (AP) — It began with his brief mention last fall of "troubling lapses" in the nuclear force. Weeks later Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel turned up the heat a notch by paying a rare visit to a nuclear missile base. And on Thursday he dropped his bombshell: a demand for quick answers to what ails this most sensitive of military missions. "Personnel failures within this force threaten to jeopardize the trust the American people have placed in us to keep our nuclear weapons safe and secure," Hagel wrote in unusually pointed language to a dozen top officials.

No face-to-face meeting in Syrian peace talks
GENEVA (AP) — Direct talks planned between President Bashar Assad's government and the Western-backed opposition hoping to overthrow him were scrapped Friday, and the two sides will meet a U.N. mediator in different rooms at different times. The separate meetings are a major setback for a peace conference that has been on the verge of collapse since it was first floated in 2012 as a path out of the civil war that began as a peaceful uprising against President Bashar Assad.

Ukrainian protesters occupy government buildings
KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Protesters on Friday seized a government building in the Ukrainian capital while also maintaining their siege of several governors' offices in the country's west, raising the pressure on the government. After meeting with President Viktor Yanukovych for several hours late Thursday, opposition leaders told the crowds that he had promised to ensure the release of dozens of protesters detained after clashes with police, and stop further detentions. They urged the protesters to maintain a shaky truce following violent street battles in the capital, but were booed by demonstrators eager to resume clashes with police.

Texas woman's family asks to end life support
FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — Attorneys for a Fort Worth-area family will ask a judge Friday to allow a pregnant, brain-dead Texas woman to be removed from life support, despite hospital opposition. State District Judge R.H. Wallace will hear arguments as the husband of Marlise Munoz seeks to remove her from life support. Munoz remains connected to machines in John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth.

FDA says nutrition facts label will get a makeover
WASHINGTON (AP) — After 20 years, the nutrition facts label on the back of food packages is getting a makeover. Knowledge about nutrition has evolved since the early 1990s, and the Food and Drug Administration says the labels need to reflect that.

Iowa, NH to retain presidential order in new rules
WASHINGTON (AP) — Iowa and New Hampshire would retain their coveted spots atop the presidential primary calendar, according to new rules set to be approved by Republican leaders that could reshape the 2016 presidential election. South Carolina and Nevada would also secure top spots, as they have in the past, as part of a larger plan that would significantly shorten the GOP's presidential selection process.

Christie's campaign, NJ GOP face federal subpoenas
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's re-election campaign and the state Republican Party have less than two weeks to comply with subpoenas from federal prosecutors investigating allegations of political payback. Subpoenas to the Christie for Governor organization and the Republican State Committee were disclosed Thursday, the same day the Republican governor's campaign announced it had hired a Washington, D.C., law firm in the case.

Bieber's image: From boy-next-door to bad boy
MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Justin Bieber's mug shot hints at the boy-next-door image he's carefully crafted over the past several years, with a glistening smile and professionally upswept hair. But the red jail jumpsuit also visible in the photo tells a different story, one about the singer's recent troubles and emergence as a bad boy. The 19-year-old pop star is facing possible jail time after his arrest in Florida on charges of driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license.

Swastika on Austrian tombstone defies official ban
GRAZ, Austria (AP) — The marble tombstone looks like others dotting the main cemetery of Graz, Austria's second city — but only at first glance. Carved into it are a swastika and the inscription: "He died in the struggle for a Great Germany." Footsteps away, another gravestone is marked with the SS lightning bolts proudly worn by the elite Nazi troops who executed most of the crimes of the Holocaust.