Morning News Brief and Wednesday's Weather

Posted: April 3, 2013

WINCHESTER-AREA WEATHER: Another clear, chilly, and breezy day with highs getting close to 50 today. Low tonight of 25. We should reach the mid-50s on Thursday with partly cloudy skies. Rain likely Friday, a high near 60. Starting Sunday we could be in for a stretch of warmer air with temperatures at or above the normal highs, which are in the mid-60s for early April.

Morning News Briefs from the Associated Press for Wednesday, April 3, 2013
NKorea refuses to let SKoreans enter joint factory

PAJU, South Korea (AP) — North Korea on Wednesday barred South Korean workers from entering a jointly run factory park just over the heavily armed border in the North in the latest sign that Pyongyang's warlike stance toward South Korea and the United States is moving from words to action. The Kaesong move came a day after the North announced it would restart its long-shuttered plutonium reactor and a uranium enrichment plant, both of which could produce fuel for nuclear weapons that Pyongyang is developing and has threatened to hurl at the U.S. but which experts don't think it will be able to accomplish for years.

US moves on NKorea aimed at deterring new leader
WASHINGTON (AP) — The parading of U.S. air and naval power within view of the Korean peninsula — first a few long-range bombers, then stealth fighters, then ships — is as much about psychological war as real war. The U.S. wants to discourage North Korea's young leader from starting a fight that could escalate to renewed war with South Korea. Worries in Washington rose Tuesday with North Korea's vow to increase production of nuclear weapons materials. Secretary of State John Kerry called the announced plan "unacceptable" and stressed that the U.S. is ready to defend itself and its allies. But he and other U.S. officials also sought to lower the rhetorical temperature by holding out the prospect of the North's reversing course and resuming nuclear negotiations.

Obama, in Colorado, to press for gun measures
WASHINGTON (AP) — In danger of losing congressional momentum, President Barack Obama is drawing attention to Colorado's newly passed gun control laws as he applies public pressure on Congress to pass similar federal measures. Obama was traveling to the Denver suburbs Wednesday, stepping up his call for universal background checks for gun buyers as well as his demands for Congress to at least vote on an assault weapons ban and limits on large-capacity ammunition magazines.

It's official: Sanford facing Colbert Busch in SC
MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (AP) — The race for a vacant South Carolina congressional seat has turned into the big-name contest that political junkies were hoping for. Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, a Republican trying to make a comeback after his political career was derailed by his admission of an extramarital affair, faces Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch, the sister of political satirist Stephen Colbert, in a May 7 special election.

Decades after King's death, Memphis jobs at risk
MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — They rode the streets of Memphis in creaky, dangerous garbage trucks, picking up trash from home after home, toiling for a sanitation department that treated them with indifference bordering on disdain. In 1968 those workers took to the streets, marching with civil rights leader the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. to demand better working conditions, higher pay and union protection. Forty-five years after King was killed supporting their historic strike, some of the same men who marched with him still pick up Memphis' garbage — and now they are fighting to hold on to jobs that some city leaders want to hand over to a private company.

Israel warns Gaza militants against escalation
JERUSALEM (AP) — Palestinian militants launched several rockets into southern Israel, while Israeli aircraft struck targets in the Gaza Strip early Wednesday, in the heaviest exchange of fire between the sides since they agreed to an internationally brokered cease-fire in November. There were no casualties reported, but the violence nonetheless threatened to shatter the calm that has prevailed for more than four months and prompted Israel's new defense minister to warn that the Jewish state will not sit back if militants attack the south of the country.

SAfrica: Balloonist to fly from old Mandela jail
JOHANNESBURG (AP) — The power of ideas nourished Nelson Mandela during his confinement on Robben Island, but even this visionary might not have imagined the surreal scene planned for this month at the outpost where he spent 18 of 27 years as a prisoner of apartheid. Wind speed and direction permitting, a man in a harness will strap himself to 200 big balloons filled with helium, float off the island beneath a bulging latex column of color, and drift to the shores of Cape Town for a charitable cause.

TV or reality? Lines blur after death of show star
Shain Gandee died doing precisely what made him the star of MTV's "BUCKWILD" reality show: tearing through mudholes in his truck, taking chances most others wouldn't, living free and reckless. MTV has not said whether cameras were rolling the night Gandee, his uncle and a friend left a bar at 3 a.m. to go "muddin'." But the line between television and real life blurred in one fatal moment when Gandee's vehicle got stuck in a deep mudpit. He and two passengers were found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Reaction to Rice video has Rutgers reconsidering
NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Rutgers officials had already seen the video showing coach Mike Rice shoving, grabbing and throwing basketballs at players during practice and yelling gay slurs at them before it was aired by ESPN on Tuesday. The school punished Rice in December, suspending him for three games and fining him $50,000.