Morning News Briefs and Monday's Wet Forecast

Posted: October 7, 2013

Winchester-Area Weather: Our August-like temperatures are gone and some much-needed rain is on the way today. Overcast with thunderstorms and rain showers today. A 100 percent chance of rain with nearly an inch of rain possible. Breezy as well and a high of 72. Overcast tonight with a low of 46. Partly cloudy with temperatures at or just below normal with highs in the mid-60s for Tuesaday and Wednesday. A low of 46 Tuesday night and 50 on Wednesday night. More rain is possible on Thusrday and Friday.

Morning News Briefs from the Associated Press for Monday, October 7, 2013

2 Americans, German win Nobel medicine prize
STOCKHOLM (AP) — Americans James Rothman and Randy Schekman and German-born researcher Thomas Suedhof won the 2013 Nobel Prize in medicine on Monday for discoveries on how proteins and other materials are transported within cells. The Nobel committee said their research on "vesicle traffic" — the transport system of our cells — helped scientists understand how "cargo is delivered to the right place at the right time" inside cells.

Egypt: 5 army soldiers killed in drive-by shooting
CAIRO (AP) — Egyptian security officials say one army officer and four soldiers were killed in a drive-by shooting east of Cairo. The officials say the five were on patrol in a pickup truck when masked gunmen in another vehicle opened fire at them in an area west of the Suez Canal city of Ismailia on Monday.

AP IMPACT: Tribes mishandle funds, go unpunished
ETHETE, Wyo. (AP) — American Indian tribes have been caught misappropriating tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, according to internal tribal audits and other documents. But federal authorities do little about it — due to a lack of oversight, resources or political will. The result? Poor tribes like the Northern Arapaho of Wyoming suffer.

Kerry pleased with Syria chemical disarmament
BALI, Indonesia (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday that the United States and Russia are "very pleased" with the progress made so far in destroying Syria's chemical weapons stocks. And, he offered some rare, if qualified, U.S. praise for Syrian President Bashar Assad. Kerry, speaking at a press conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, said the Assad regime deserves credit for its speedy compliance thus far with the U.N. Security Council resolution calling for the elimination of the weapons. However, Kerry stressed that Assad is not off the hook yet and needs to continue to comply with U.N. demands.

Gov't shutdown enters 2nd week, no end in sight
WASHINGTON (AP) — The government shutdown entered its second week with no end in sight and ominous signs that the United States was closer to the first default in the nation's history as Speaker John Boehner ruled out any measure to boost borrowing authority without concessions from President Barack Obama. Washington will be closely watching the financial markets on Monday to see if the uncompromising talk rattles Wall Street and worldwide economies just 10 days before the threat of default would be imminent.

Government's work stacking up a week into shutdown
WASHINGTON (AP) — Across America the government's work is piling up, and it's not just paperwork. It's old tires and red Solo cups littering a stretch of river in Nebraska. Food poisoning microbes awaiting analysis in Atlanta. The charred wreckage of a plane in California, preserved in case safety investigators return. And it's the dead eagle in Wendi Pencille's freezer.

Libya bristles at US raid that captured militant
A suspected Libyan al-Qaida figure nabbed by U.S. special forces in a dramatic operation in Tripoli was living freely in his homeland for the past two years, after a trajectory that took him to Sudan, Afghanistan and Iran, where he had been detained for years, his family said Sunday. The Libyan government bristled at the raid, asking Washington to explain the "kidnapping." The swift Delta Force operation in the streets of the Libyan capital that seized the militant known as Abu Anas al-Libi was one of two assaults Saturday that showed an American determination to move directly against terror suspects — even in two nations mired in chaos where the U.S. has suffered deadly humiliations in the past.

NKorea rushes to finish lavish ski resort
MASIK PASS, North Korea (AP) — The secretary-general of North Korea's ski association views the sprawling alpine landscape before him with unabashed pride. Facing a strong, cold wind, he points to a dip in the rugged, tree-covered mountains and says the sunrise there is a sight of unmatched beauty, worthy of the nation's supreme leader, Kim Jong Un. This is the Masik Pass ski resort, North Korea's latest megaproject, the product of 10 months of furious labor intended to show that this country, so often derided for its poverty and isolation, is as civilized and culturally advanced as any other.

Gun battle at Fresno biker club kills 1, wounds 12
FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — A "running gun battle" at a Central California motorcycle club's annual dance that left one man dead, a dozen others wounded, hundreds of partygoers scrambling for cover, and now investigators trying to determine what triggered it. As the first of more than 100 law enforcement officers arrived early Saturday morning, shots were still be fired around the Soul Brothers clubhouse near Fresno, the Fresno County Sheriff's Office said.