Athlete Spotlight: Millbrook soccer player Bethany Ackerman

Posted: May 17, 2013

Bethany Ackerman
Bethany Ackerman

Millbrook High School 18-year-old senior

Sport: Soccer

Position: Midfielder

Parents: Karen and Chris Ackerman

Hometown: South Burlington, Vt. (moved to Winchester eight years ago)

When did you start playing soccer: I was 5. My parents signed me up for rec soccer.

What you love about soccer: I like how it’s a long game, I like the running, and I like how it’s a team sport.

Biggest strength and weakness in soccer: [Strength], I’m a hard worker. I work pretty hard whenever I’m on the field. [Weakness], being injury-prone. (Ackerman tore her ACL at the end of her sophomore season and in the middle of her junior season for Millbrook, both in the same knee.) It takes a year recovery from them, so I wasn’t even completely recovered from my first one before I tore it again.

Sport you always wanted to try: Lacrosse. I did a camp when I was 7, and it seems like it’s big everywhere but Winchester. It just seems like a really cool sport. It seems like soccer in the air.

Most memorable moment in soccer: Most memorable is tearing my ACL, but as far as a good memory, just our whole season last year. It was the first year our whole team just worked really well, and we ended up winning the district regular season and the tournament, so that was great.

Most embarrassing moment in soccer: Everyone misses the ball occasionally, which is embarrassing, but nothing traumatic.

Favorite athlete: [Soccer player] Mia Hamm. She’s a great player, and I read her children’s book which urges kids to never give up, which is my life’s motto.

Favorite sports team: Duke men’s basketball

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive:Queen Elizabeth I, [Duchess of Cambridge] Kate Middleton, and Joan of Arc. I think they’re women in history who have made a statement.

Favorite Quote: “Don’t cry because it’s over. Laugh because it happened.” — Dr. Seuss. I like it because it’s positive.

Favorite subject in school: English. I like being creative. I write and paint.

What’s on the iPod: A lot of country music. I like Brad Paisley and Luke Bryan. My favorite is Eli Young Band.

Pregame routine/ritual: I get really quiet before games. I’m not a person who gets really hyped up. I just come into myself.

Plans after high school: I’m going to UVA, and I’m going to study international relations and pre-law.

— Compiled by Robert Niedzwiecki