Athlete Spotlight: Sherando cross country runner Nisha Moore

Posted: October 9, 2012

Nisha Moore
Nisha Moore

Sherando High School 17-year-old senior

Sport: Cross Country

Parents: Gary and Vickie Moore

Hometown: Born in Fairfax and moved to Middletown when she was five months old before moving to Stephens City her freshman year of high school

Nickname: Some people call me “Nish Nish”

When did you start running cross country: This is only my second year. My coaches told me that it’d help me with track, so I went out for it [ my junior year].

What you love about cross country: That it’s a mental sport. You’re only as good as you think you are. It’s not just the race, it’s about what you think you can do and what you can put your mind to do.

Biggest strength and weakness in cross country: The weakness would be holding back and not running with the people I can’t run with, just sticking with what I’m comfortable with. And I’ve gotten stronger to where even though we’re a team, I don’t feel like I have to run with my team to be comfortable. Now I can run on my own and I’ve done better.

Sport you always wanted to try: I’ve always thought tennis was a lot of fun when I’ve played it in gym and stuff.

Most memorable moment in cross country: I guess the first race we had this season. It was up in Maryland (the Interstate Classic in Clear Spring) and it was a faster course, but when we walked it it seemed like it was going to be a challenge. And then I ran my best time ever, 20:44. I didn’t think I ran as fast at the end as I could, so I was surprised when I saw my time.

Favorite athlete: [U.S. Track and Field Olympic gold medalist] Allyson Felix. I just really like her determination to be better and she runs similar events to what I run in track.

Favorite sports team: I like watching track and field, so I guess the U.S. Track and Field team.

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: Either Venus or Serena Williams because they went pro at a very young age and I just thought that was amazing. And Allyson Felix and Usain Bolt because they both seem like they’re humble athletes.

Favorite Quote: Our team motto this year is “Being Fearless” and that’s helped motivate me throughout the season.

Pre-race routine/ritual: I just like to listen to my music and not talk to anyone. I just like zoning and thinking about what I’m going to do and then hopefully doing it. As a team we usually pray and then do a chant before the start of each race.

Plans after high school: I’m not sure of what school I’m going to yet, but I’d like to study Psychology, probably Sports Psychology. I want to run in college and I really liked Campbell University (N.C.) or possibly Christopher Newport.

— Compiled by Kevin Trudgeon