Athlete Spotlight: SU basketball player Corin Scott

Posted: November 13, 2012

Corin Scott
Corin Scott

Shenandoah University 18-year-old freshman

Sport: Basketball

Position: Guard

Parents: Marvin and Ruth Scott

Hometown: Winchester

High School: Handley (Class of 2012)

Major: Kinesiology and Criminal Justice

Nickname: Some people call me “Rin” just because it’s shorter. It’s mostly a friend thing.

When did you start playing basketball: I started playing when I was like five or six. My whole entire family plays, everybody from my immediate [family] to everyone else, they all play basketball.

What you love about basketball: It’s just my passion. I’ve been playing it my whole life and I couldn’t see myself not playing it, that would just be weird.

Biggest strength and weakness in basketball: My biggest strength is definitely taking it to the rim, taking it to the hoop and penetrating. My biggest weakness is getting the plays right, because when I get in the game I just want to go, but I need to slow it down and make sure I run the play.

Sport you always wanted to try: I’ve always wanted to try lacrosse, I just think it looks fun and hardcore. But they don’t really play it around here.

Most memorable moment in basketball: It’d have to be our last game in high school. I was five points away from my 1,000th point and they just kept giving me the ball but I couldn’t get it. I needed 20 points but I only got 15. It’s not the best memory, but it’s the one that sticks there.

Most embarrassing moment in basketball: When we lost against Millbrook [in high school]. The first game we played against them [last year] they hit 100 on us and that was pretty embarrassing.

Favorite athlete: (Miami Heat guard) Dwyane Wade. I just like the way he plays and leads on the court and off the court. I like the way he carries himself.

Favorite sports team: Miami Heat

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive:Of course Dwyane Wade, (former Chicago Bulls guard) Michael Jordan and (Phoenix Mercury guard) Diana Taurasi. [Jordan] is just a good inspiration, he wasn’t great in middle school or high school, but he worked himself into what he became. And (Taurasi) is my favorite women’s basketball player, she’s just hard body.

Favorite Quote: “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.”

Favorite subject in school: At SU it’s definitely Criminal Justice. I’m really interested in the system, the government and all that stuff.

What’s on the iPod: I don’t really have specific songs, I listen to Pandora a lot. It’s mainly country, but to get me hyped for games and stuff I like rap. I don’t really listen to the words though, I listen to the beats.

Plans after college: I want to be a probation officer but if that doesn’t work I’d like to do sports nutrition or sports management for the NBA or WNBA. If I get better [in basketball] in four years, I’ll probably go overseas somewhere and play.

— Compiled by Kevin Trudgeon