Athlete Spotlight: SU soccer player Eduardo Santiago

Posted: October 30, 2012

Eduardo Santiago
Eduardo Santiago

Shenandoah University 19-year-old freshman

Sport: Soccer

Position: Forward

Parents: Eva Santiago and Jose Luis Ramirez

Hometown: Winchester

High School: Handley (Class of 2012)

Major: Business Management

Nickname: “Eddie”, I guess that’s a pretty common nickname.

When did you start playing soccer: I started playing soccer in third grade after a vacation I took to Mexico. That’s when I started getting interested in soccer because everyone played it down there.

What you love about soccer: I just enjoy playing. It’s something that motivates me to try harder because it’s a sport that I know I’m good at, so therefore I’m going to try harder. And I just have fun playing it.

Biggest strength and weakness in soccer: I feel like my biggest strength is probably that I can read the game really well. I know what’s going to happen and how to read the game. And my weakness I’m going to say is my height. I’m only 5-foot-4 and usually on headers, I win like one out of every 10.

Sport you always wanted to try: I feel like tennis would be fun. I’ve played around with my friends before and I’ve just always been curious about it.

Most memorable moment in soccer: It’d have to be my sophomore year of high school when my team at Handley went undefeated in the district and we won the district tournament. We had a great team and it was one of my best years there.

Most embarrassing moment in soccer: One of my worst moments was junior year [of high school] when I lost to Millbrook in the semifinals of the district tournament. I feel like we should have won that game, we had the best players. But we just didn’t connect and ended up getting beaten 3-1.

Favorite athlete: [Barcelona soccer player] Lionel Messi. He’s just incredible, his whole story and background. It’s so much fun to watch him play.

Favorite sports team: La Liga soccer club Barcelona.

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: [Actress] Selena Gomez because she’s very pretty. [Soccer player] Cristiano Ronaldo because he’s such a good soccer player, overall he’s just incredible. [Actor] Adam Sandler, I think he’s really funny and I love his movies.

What’s on the iPod: I’ve got everything, it goes from rock to country to rap and hip hop. It’s all over the place, it literally goes from Taylor Swift to Lil Wayne.

Pregame routine/ritual: If I can get it in I liked to have a quick nap before the game. Not right before, but maybe like an hour or so before, I just like one of those power naps.

Plans after college: Just finish my business major and do something in like management or something. I’m not sure where right now. I might try to see if I can find a way to keep playing soccer [after college] like in a club or something, but we’ll see.

— Compiled by Kevin Trudgeon