Bonsai ‘mirror the hardships  of nature’

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Posted: July 30, 2013

The Winchester Star

When repotting a young bonsai, use a chopstick (left) or pencil to remove as much excess dirt around the roots as possible before replanting with good soil. Before repotting, if the plant has long roots (above), cut them so they are even going across but still several inches long. Make sure they will support the tree but fit in the new pot.
A piece of wire mesh at the bottom of the pot helps keep in soil and gravel and keep out bugs.
Don’t place a bonsai directly in the center of a pot. It should be placed on one of the sides on a mound of soil just high enough to see the top of the roots over the pot. Then fill in with good soil.
For a nice natural look, once the bonsai has been planted, cover the surface of the soil with moss and rocks.

Winchester — If plants were like a race, bonsai trees would walk a marathon rather than run it.

Bonsai are not plants that can be put in the soil and within weeks or even months, turn into…

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