Boyce addresses business zoning issue in the town

Posted: February 7, 2013

The Winchester Star

BOYCE — The Boyce Planning Commission will tackle several land-use issues in the next few months that will have an impact on lot owners.

Erika Kelble, vice-chairman of the planning body and a member of the Town Council, told her peers at Tuesday night’s meeting that there are 11 properties in town that are zoned for business use — but have no frontage on either Main Street or Greenway Avenue, the two areas where businesses are permitted.

In order to operate a business on these lots, owners would need a special-use permit, Kelble said.

The commission wants to change the town ordinance so that these property owners can do specific businesses by right without having to obtain one, Kelble said.

The commission will also look at maximum lot sizes in town to determine how larger lots could be allowed without drastically increasing the size of the houses that could be built on them.

Kelble said the commissioners are concerned that new construction be scaled to what is already in town.

Another issue, she said, is that many of the newer homes in town have run afoul of 25-foot rear setback lines — which in some cases prevent owners from adding decks to their houses. The commissioners are considering reducing the setback to 15 feet.

In other business, the council voted unanimously to hire Debra Gordon, a resident of Virginia Avenue, to be the new Code Enforcement Officer for the town. Gordon will work up to 20 hours a month, at a salary of $15 per hour.

Gordon will be responsible for enforcing a number of town regulations, including those pertaining to auto decals, inoperable vehicles and overgrown lots.

Council also agreed to move ahead with hiring someone to create and manage a website for Boyce.

Attending the meeting at the Town Hall were Mayor Franklin Roberts and council members Ray Weckerly Jr., Laurel Greene, Erika Kelble and Town Recorder Tamara Myer. Council member Carol Everly was absent.

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