Fire That Killed 2 Brothers Started in Electrical Outlet

Posted: November 13, 2012

The Winchester Star

WINCHESTER --  An Aug. 23 house fire that claimed the lives of two young boys started at an electrical outlet near their beds.

According to Winchester Fire and Rescue authorities, the cause of the fire — which occurred at 210 Summit Ave. — has been classified as accidental and it originated at a receptacle adjacent to the boys’ bunk beds.

Landon M. Heath, 6, and Brayden A. Berg, 4, died in the fire. Two others were taken to the hospital for burns and smoke inhalation.

The boy’s step-grandfather was alerted of the fire by a hallway smoke alarm and attempted to locate the boys in their room but was unable to due to the thick black smoke he encountered, according to a media release.

Jeremy Luttrell, Winchester Fire Marshal, said that the home — which was equipped with a smoke alarm on the top and bottom floor — was compliant.

He said something was plugged into the electrical outlet near the boys’ beds, but would not identify what.

For more information about the cause of the fire and how to take preventative measures, read Wednesday’s Winchester Star.

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