Clarke County real estate transfers

Posted: February 23, 2013

These are the real estate transfers of $200,000 or more for Clarke County in January, as compiled by Clarke County Circuit Court:

Surety Trustees LLC to U.S. Bank National Association, property in Battletown District (portion also in Loudoun County), $339,421.

Ivan Fernando Ruiz and Mary E. to Thomas E. Stewart, 508 Page St., Berryville, lot 63, section 2 in Apple Glen subdivision, Town of Berryville, $315,000.

Charles H. Kimzey and Lorene M. to Charles E. Chapman Jr., 687 N. Hill Lane, Berryville, 1/2 interest in property, Battletown District, $325,000.

U.S. Bank National Association to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, property in Battletown District, $224,179.

Trivis H. Westgate and Jennifer to Jason Hanford Croson, 130 Anna Lane, Berryville, lot 5 in Windover Meadows subdivision, Battletown District, $361,850.

Sam White sub Tr. (Palagi) to Grace Palage, 1358 Chilly Hollow Road, Berryville, lot 1 containing 11.7489 acres, $327,741.22.

U.S. Bank National Association to Brenda Klyne, 19488 Blue Ridge Mtn. Road, Bluemont, property in Battletown District (portion also in Loudoun County), $242,000.

Jeffrey C. Mees and Genevieve M. to Daniel J. Martynowicz and Ashley N., 483 Carefree Lane, Boyce, lot 601-A in Carefree Acres subdivision, 4.819 acres in Greenway District, $362,000.

Nojir Jeffries and Kathleen to Lyle L. Marsh III, 245 Heritage Blvd., Berryville, Longmarsh District, $359,000.

Capital Builders LLC to James J. Lomonaco and Mary K., 417 Montgomery Court, Berryville, Town of Berryville, $356,499.

Samuel I. White sub. Tr. (Helmu) to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $294,744.