Clarke County Real Estate Transfers

Posted: June 15, 2013

These are the real estate transfers of $200,000 or more for Clarke County in May, as compiled by Clarke County Circuit Court:


Payne LLC to Eric A. Hillegas et al., 1137 Fishpaw Road, Berryville, 19.8194 acres more or less in Longmarsh District, $500,000.

Anthony T. Cannarella Tr. to Thomas W. Lynn Jr. and Kimberly B., 169 Whispering Knolls Lane, Berryville, Buckmarsh Estates subdivision, 4 acres in Battletown District, $510,000.

Shari L. Weant to Ivan A. Moore Jr. et ux., 9 Gordons Ridge Lane, Berryville, 2 acres in Battletown District, $485,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Crispin L. Poh, 129 Roseville Court, Boyce, Town of Boyce, $364,900.

Virginia Copenhaver to Patricia B. Copenhaver, 2110 Salem Church Road, Boyce, Chapel District, $240,000.

Jim Nichols Construction Company to Charles L. Coon and Janice, 619 E. Main St., Berryville, lot 6 in the Smith Addition, Town of Berryville, $240,000.

Edward P. Newlin to Joan Gaidos, 15 Pleasant Lane, Berryville, 1.046 acres in Battletown District, $265,000.

Allen C. Campbell and Beverly A. to Daryl A. McKenzie and Cindy M., 326 Ebenezer Road, Bluemont, 5 acres in Battletown District, $489,000.

Wittstadt Title and Escrow Company to Ladisloa et al., lot 66, section 2 in Apple Glen subdivision, Town of Berryville, $296,000.

Thomas W. Lynn Jr. and Kimberly B. to Julia G. Breitbeil, 417 Hancock Ct., Berryville, Town of Berryville, $336,000.

David S. DeLozier and Kelly C. to Stephen J. McCalley and Courtney, 1989 Alle Road, Berryville, 3.327 acres more or less in Longmarsh District, $295,000.

Arthur C. Buono and Kathy M. to Jeffrey T. Mitchell, 19680 Blue Ridge Mtn. Road, Bluemont, 5.7617 acres in Battletown District, $310,000.

Gail Holdaway to Kevin Pett et ux., 125 Chestnut Coombe Lane, Paris, 8.261 acres in Battletown District, $215,000.

Gerald K. Pratt to Shadetree LLC, property in Chapel District, $225,000.

Paola Acosta to Toney Simms et ux., 200 Stayman Drive, Berryville, Town of Berryville, $256,000.

John E. Lemley et al. to Justin Carrasco, 345 Chilly Hollow Road, Berryville, 5 acres in Battletown District, $200,000.

Matthew Locke and Jennifer to James K. Kelly Jr. and Margaret, 241 Hermitage Blvd., Berryville, lot 135 in Town of Berryville, $356,100.

Christiana Trust to Andy R. Hernandez, 14420 Lord Fairfax Highway, White Post, Greenway District, $200,000.

Richard and Michelle Wertz to Thomas Bell and Laura, property in Chapel District, $600,000.

Charles L. Farris and Jacqueline to David Norman and Cathy L., 20375 Blue Ridge Mtn. Road, Paris, Mt. Weather subdivision, Battletown District, $395,000.