Frederick panel tables development rights review

Posted: October 17, 2013

The Winchester Star

WINCHESTER — The Frederick County Planning Commission Wednesday tabled proposed revisions to its Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) ordinance.

The issue was put on hold until the commission’s Nov. 6 session after Wednesday’s gathering was advertised first as a public hearing and later as a public meeting.

According to the Department of Planning and Development, the TDR ordinance aims to:

Provide an effective and predictable incentive process for owners of rural and agricultural property to preserve those lands with a public benefit.

Help implement the county’s Comprehensive Plan by directing residential land uses to the county’s Urban Development Area.

Provide an efficient and streamlined administrative review system to ensure that transfers of development rights to receiving areas are processed in a timely way and balanced with other county goals and policies, and are adjusted to the specific conditions of each receiving area.

According to information presented to the Planning Commission, the proposed revisions would:

Change the allowable density of developments on TDR lands to reflect changes made to density requirements in the county’s Residential Performance Zoning District.

Include an addition that would allow the use of contiguous parcels for TDR transfers.

Include a density right conversion that would apply to density rights being applied to receiving properties.

Paul Anderson, president of the Frederick County Farm Bureau, said the TDR ordinance is a good resource for landowners and that the bureau doesn’t have any issues with the proposed revisions.

Anderson was the only person to speak during the public hearing.

Attending the meeting in the Frederick County Administration Building were Chairwoman June Wilmot, Vice-Chairman Roger L. Thomas and Commissioners Rhodes Marston, Greg L. Unger, Kevin W. Kenney, Charles E. Triplett, Christopher Mohn, Charles F. Dunlap, Lawrence R. Ambrogi, Paige Manuel, Gary R. Oates, Stanley J. Crockett and Board of Supervisors liaison Robert Hess. Commissioner Brian Madagan was absent.

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