GOP rally takes aim at Obama

Posted: October 2, 2012

The Winchester Star

Rep. Frank Wolf (left), R-10th, talks to Pat Jackson and Mike Lindsay, chairman of the Frederick County Republican Committee, at the Rally in the Valley Saturday at Winchester Elks Lodge 867. (Photo by Ginger Perry/The Winchester Star)

WINCHESTER — The message of change was set loud and early at a Republican political rally Saturday.

“Let’s send Obama and his band of government czars to Honolulu, Chicago, Malaysia or wherever they’re from,” said Chairman Michael Lindsay of the Frederick County Republican Committee, which sponsored the event.

Saturday’s Rally in the Valley was hosted at the Elks Lodge on Front Royal Pike. A number of Republican politicians and candidates showed up, including Sen. Jill Vogel, R-Upperville; Sen. Mark Obenshain, R-Harrisonburg; and Del. Randy Minchew of Leesburg, who represents the 10th District in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Local government leaders were also present.

After roast beef and chicken were served up, guest speaker Rep. Frank Wolf, R-10th, took the stage. The first thing he did was encourage those in the crowd not to just look back at the past four years but to look ahead to the next four if Democrat Barack Obama wins the presidency.

“Where will you be, and how will you be four years from now?” he asked.

Wolf then denounced the country’s $16 trillion deficit and Obama’s foreign policy.

Referring to an anti-Muslim video created in the U.S. that allegedly sparked riots in Libya and other Arab countries, Wolf said: “If American foreign policy can be upended by a 14-minute video, you can see the trouble we are in today.”

Wolf also threw his support behind Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, calling him “a man of character and integrity.”

He also praised George Allen, who’s challenging Democrat Tim Kaine for Virginia’s open U.S. Senate seat in the Nov. 6 election: “I think he’ll be an asset to this region,” Wolf said of Allen.

Wolf ended with conviction, saying that when Romney and Allen win, the United States could experience a rebirth.

“This region without a doubt will carry Romney and George Allen,” he said. “But we need to carry big. When we do this, I think we can have a renaissance in this nation.”

Before Wolf spoke, Minchew expressed similar optimism, saying that the “glitter is off” the “rock star phenomenon” that was Obama four years ago.

“Even the very jubilant Obama supporters aren’t there anymore,” Minchew said.

“We’re pumped,” he added, “but we’re not cocky. We have a steely confidence coupled with work ethic. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”

Frederick County Supervisor Gene Fisher, who represents the Shawnee District, was positive but not as confident.

“I’m concerned it’s even close,” he said. “That’s what bothers me.

“It’s a critical time for our country,” Fisher said. “Things have got to change. This is not the direction we want to go.”

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