Horse is found dead in Frederick creek

Posted: March 21, 2013

The Winchester Star

GAINESBORO — Police are investigating how a dead horse came to be stuck under a low-water bridge in northern Frederick County.

On March 10 at 3:12 p.m., the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office received a call about a brown horse found in a creek near the 300 block of Glaize Orchard Road.

“We’re not sure whose it is,” said Capt. A.W. Beeman. “No one has claimed it.”

The horse was wearing a faded red nylon halter and had no tags, tattoos or branding.

Beeman said the animal had been there for a while. It had a bloated stomach that had already opened, and moss was growing on its sides.

Deputy Marlisa Embry, who’s working the case, said there were no ligature marks around the feet or neck of the horse.

“I did not see any signs of neglect or illegal dumping,” she said. “But it’s still under investigation.”

The horse did, however, have its left jaw split.

A nearby horse owner said it was not his animal.

Officers are still trying to figure out if the horse wandered off and fell into the creek, perhaps when waters were high, or if someone illegally dumped it in there.

Police had to drag the animal out of the water with a tractor.

The horse was brown with white on its forehead and its right rear foot. It was approximately middle-aged, and Embry said it looked like a quarter horse.

Anyone with information should call Deputy Marlisa Embry at 540-504-6525.

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