Letter to the editor

Posted: August 9, 2014

Characterization of Warner appalls writer

The Winchester Star recently mocked Sen. Mark Warner, calling him a “comedian” in his honest discussions of his proven bipartisan work. I am appalled that your editorial board is willing to swallow a political talking point hook, line, and sinker without doing some research prior to publication.

As a resident of the City of Winchester and a regular subscriber to your paper, I’m genuinely astonished by the ignorance to the many accomplishments that our senior senator has had in reaching across the aisle over the past six years.

There is no denying every major bill Mr. Warner has introduced in the Senate has had a Republican co-sponsor. He helped create the high-profile Gang of Six to tackle our deficit in a balanced way and received high praise from budget hawks on both the right and left. His recently passed DATA Act, which fights for an open and accountable government, was even co-sponsored by Darrell Issa, one of the most conservative members of the House.

What this tells me is that your editorial board is unwilling to look at the whole picture regarding Mr. Warner’s work for Virginia. The majority of instances in which Warner has voted with President Obama have been on presidential nominees. Mr. Warner has voted for a majority of these nominees because the vast majorities have been well-credentialed. On actual legislation, Mr. Warner has indeed charted an independent path.

The facts show that Mr. Warner has made serious efforts to work with Republicans in the Senate. He may not have been successful every time in breaking the gridlock, but he has certainly tried, and he has been successful enough to make a difference. 

Gov. Warner would recognize Sen. Warner because they both encompass the hard-working, aisle-crossing, amiable fellow that we trusted (and continue to trust) to represent our beautiful state.

And Virginians already know that.

Hannah McKiernan