Letter to the editor

Posted: November 14, 2012

Beyond ludicrous

A short letter from Raymond E. Johnson in Friday’s Star serves as ample evidence that pro-choice advocates are equally short on reasoning.

In his letter, Mr. Johnson asks abortion opponents: “How many unwanted, orphaned, or otherwise abandoned children have you adopted?” He then (very lamely) hangs a label of “hypocrite” on anyone who has never adopted, but who protests the moral wrong of abortion.

This is an argument I’ve heard before and it is beyond ludicrous. There are, on average, some 4,000 abortions a day in the United States. But Mr. Johnson states, in essence, that no one is allowed to protest this horrific shedding of innocent blood unless they personally provide homes for the victims.

By this argument, no one can protest any moral wrong without being personally responsible for fixing it. Using Mr. Johnson’s reasoning, I could then ask him these questions:

If you’re against murder, how many potential victims have you saved?

If you’re against war, how many war refugees have you saved?

If you advocate help for the homeless, how many homeless people have you housed and fed?

If you’re against animal abuse, how many animals have you adopted?

Moral wrongs exist everywhere, Mr. Johnson. If only those who fix moral wrongs committed by other people are allowed to speak against such wrongs, then all of us must remain silent, and let evil reign unchecked.

But God requires us all to speak on behalf of the innocent, and to expose lies by speaking the truth.

He also tells us that the only moral wrongs we can personally fix are those we are personally guilty of. Those who refuse to do that are the ones who truly fit the definition of “hypocrite.”

Check the dictionary, Mr. Johnson. Then check the reflection in the mirror.

Mitchell L. Hubbard