Letter to the editor

Posted: January 7, 2013

Has city ignored itssnow duties?

During the intervening two weeks since the snow arrived and the one week since the threat of citation to property owners was issued, the well-used sidewalk along Jubal Early Drive, a part of the Winchester Green Circle which is owned by the city (“A Bike-Walk Route/Bringing the Community Together”) remains (as of this writing Saturday) uncleared and is in such an icy condition as to be rendered relatively dangerous and unpassable. Runners and walkers are taking to the street to bypass it.

How is it that the city government that raised my property taxes recently ignores its duty to keep city property safe but feels free to bully property owners for failure to shovel sidewalks they do not even own? Perhaps City Council will not be surprised when its pronouncement is greeted with scorn by citizens who dislike hypocrisy in their elected officials.

Howard Green