Letter to the editor

Posted: August 31, 2013

Worth the effort?

After 9/11, I believe a majority of Americans believed that we should stand up for ourselves in a military way against the evil that invaded our shores. This was similar to the mindset after Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately, we have found, through many further sacrifices, that we are not in a fight conducive to traditional warfare techniques.

We find ourselves at a decision-making point concerning the use of chemical warfare by President Assad of Syria. Do we, or do we not, invoke our military capabilities to help these innocent people?

Unfortunately, the issue of innocence is undeniably difficult or impossible to determine. In the case of Syria, we have no idea who we might be helping, and history should tell us that any vacuum will be filled with jihadists.

We have seen this in Iraq and in Libya, we’ll see this in Afghanistan, it is currently happening in Egypt, and will happen in Syria. These “nations” are the areas of military conflict, but the jihadists are insidiously, before our eyes, filling vacuums in democratic societies around the world, including America.

My question is not which failed nation we should try to “help,” but when we will come to the aid of our country. Our country is failing because of lack of leadership starting at the top. Everyone sees it, but nothing ever gets done.

Countless people watched Nidal Hasan murder soldiers at Fort Hood, yet it took several years before we had a verdict in his travesty of a trial. Homer couldn’t have written a better tragedy.

Eric Redmon

Frederick County