Letter to the editor

Posted: September 5, 2013

Just say ‘No’

This president has continuously misrepresented the purpose and performance of our military actions in both Afghanistan and Iraq — as a pretext to lead our stunning retreat from the advances purchased with our blood and treasure once he assumed office . . .

. . . And the world listened and observed.

This president has continuously made imprudent off-the-cuff remarks revealing his geopolitical naiveté — as if he truly believes the fictitious basis of his Nobel Peace prize . . .

. . . And our foes listened and observed.

This president acted in the most disingenuous manner with the American people on every issue of the day — from ObamaCare to Benghazi to the definition of marriage to the IRS and NSA scandals — with a stunning complicity by the supposed adversarial free press . . .

. . . And friends and foes made their calculations on the measure of his character and reliability.

This president has unwittingly painted himself into a deep corner and finds himself in serious political trouble.

So now, he and John Kerry and others claim that the “world” mustact — even though the “world” including the United States, did nothing militarily in response to far-worse WMD attacks by Saddam Hussein in the 1980s and ’90s.

Our one declared ally is hedging her bets: France is ready to jump ship — leaving us solely as the self-defined “world.”

In all practicality, nobody is willing to join this Coalition of the Unwitting for an ill-defined adventure in Syria — and for sound reasons.

It is vitally important for our representatives to note that Obama’s last foray with Libya has left an open Hell of chaos for the people there; Egypt is well on her way.

This new attraction for our president simply cannot end well. No country — especially Russia — views us as a serious power run by good leadership. Consequently, there will be serious pushback from any action by us until we have our own regime change.

Just say no.

Dan Flathers

Toms Brook