Letters to the editor

Posted: October 10, 2012

‘Feckless’ speaks to ‘Reckless’

On Monday, President Obama accused Mitt Romney of being “reckless” in his approach to foreign policy. When you consider that Romney is not yet president, it is hard to be “reckless,” is it not?

Meanwhile, Obama’s approach to foreign policy can only be described as “feckless.”

John Shepard


Bugs’ life: The stink vs. the wheel

A recent media article noted that our native wheel bug is an insect found to prey on the brown marmorated stink bug, and may help to control them.

It should be noted the bite of a wheel bug is painful to humans and may take months to heal (sometimes leaving a small scar), so caution is highly advised when handling them Wheel bugs should be left alone when found, and allowed to reduce the stink bug problem.

Perry Crabill

Frederick County