Letters to the Editor

Posted: November 3, 2012

If one was a son or son-in-law?

These four bravest of men — J. Christopher Stevens, U.S. Ambassador to Libya; Tyrone Woods, U.S. embassy security personnel; Glen Doherty, U.S. embassy security personnel; and Sean Smith, U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer — what if one was your son or son-in-law?

All died on Sept. 11 in Libya, killed by a heavily armed group of terrorists that attacked the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi with military weapons.

We now know members at the highest echelon of U.S. government staff knew who the Benghazi perpetrators were and refused to honor the request by the four brave men to send them military support for their protection. We now know that President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton claimed the attack was due to an innocuous private video (that no one has seen), purported to be distasteful to the Muslim religion. We now know that the claims against the video were lies.

We now know, the White House Situation Room had all the details within two hours of the attack, including a claim of responsibility from the group Ansar al-Sharia. We now know that the request for miltary help by these brave men on the ground in Bengahzi was deniedby the highest echelon of U.S. government staff. And we know Mr. Obama went to Las Vegas the next day for campaign fund-raising.

When you folks decide to install signs on your lawns or your automobiles supporting Mr. Obama and Vice President Biden for re-election, please stop and think: What if one of these four bravest of men was your son, or your son-in-law, and the father of your grand children. Would you be placing the Obama-Biden signs in your front yard?



Big Government, little people

My cousin, in his mid-60s, has a 22-year-old grandson who was given two weeks to live if his suddenly diagnosed leukemia was not immediately and intensively treated. The young man has no resources of his own, and his parents haven’t the resources either.

This was a tragic and certain death sentence for him. But he found out from the doctor that he could get treatment on his parents’ health insurance due to a new law enacted by Congress.

His treatment began immediately, and he is now being treated at one of the best hospitals for this disease in existence. The doctors there now give him an excellent fighting chance for recovery!

I couldn’t help but feel profoundly grateful to everyone who made this treatment possible for David, and how devastated we, his family and friends, would be now had he not been able to get treated because of a lack of funds.

Instead of being dead now, he has been given a good fighting chance to beat the leukemia. I think any parent can imagine where their child would be now if there hadn’t been this law. I want to say that I’m amazed and very appreciative that from a big government something so precious and small as one young life can now have real hope!

Peter Stetler


A warm familiar feeling

You know immediately when it happens — the mushy feeling underfoot followed by the putrid stench after stepping in dog excrement. I’m sure that’s how Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., feels, so let's begin with a story from the Associated Press from Oct. 25 where he steps in it and puts both feet in his mouth:

“Three Democratic Virginia congressmen . . . Reps. Gerald Connolly, James P. Moran Jr., and Bobby Scott recently asked U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to order the Justice Department to investigate the [Republican voter fraud] allegations, media outlets reported.”

Oh, there’s no doubt Holder would love to smear Republicans this close to the election. But he’ll need to ignore the elephant in the room to do so, thanks to a story from wnd.com originally posted Oct. 24, one day before the above AP story ran (was the AP asleep?) — “Video snags Dem boss plotting vote fraud.”

It said Mr. Moran’s son Patrick, who serves as the field director for his father’s campaign, “has been caught on video advising an undercover reporter how to fraudulently cast ballots in the name of registered voters by forging utility bills and relying on the assistance of Democrat lawyers.”

The story goes on: “If there’s any trouble, [the younger Moran] says, an Obama for America lawyer, or another Democrat lawyer, will be on hand to provide help . . . ‘You’ll have somebody in house, that if they feel that what you have is legitimate, they’ll argue for you” . . . Moran advises the reporter to contact the registered voters on the list to make sure they don’t plan to cast a ballot Nov. 6. He suggests obtaining the information by posing as a pollster.”

And that’s just the beginning: Patrick Moran understood he was abetting no less than 100 fraudulent votes through only one person, and it sounds like he wasn’t a stranger to the practice. The two Morans, father and son, have need of a Pooper-Scooper, but I'm sure Eric Holder will sweep their mess under the rug and pursue the GOP. Can anyone say “Black Panthers” and “Philadelphia”? You betcha!

Franklin Fogle

Frederick County