Letters to the editor

Posted: November 16, 2012

Kudos, hats off to Winchester’s pride

I was very fortunate to be in Winchester last Friday. I bought a copy of The Star, and read a wonderful article about a thrift shop sponsored by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Winchester Medical Center.

This article almost demanded that you attend the open house. It was done in such good taste, the invitation was almost impossible to refuse. I commend the newspaper, the volunteers, and Mrs. Evans Lambert for this wonderful news op.

Encouraged by this news item, I attended the event and was not disappointed. This little shop should be the pride of Winchester. It beautifully displays its wares, and there seems to be something for everyone — from furniture to clothes to knickknacks, baby things, collectibles, and jewelry galore, all clean and ready to use.

So, hats off to the manager, the volunteers, and especially this paper that published the article. While I was there, the customers were happy and quite a few said they would not have known about this without the article.

Again, thanks, and I will be back when I am in town. This business is like a boutique. If you’ve not been, go!

Mary Boyd

Miramar, Fla.

Here we go again

In response to “Doc” Havron’s commentary (Open Forum, Nov. 15), here we go again.

Won’t it be great when U.S. health care is run as efficiently as, let’s see, mmmmmm, Amtrak, or the DMV, or how about the Post Office? I can’t wait for all the savings!

I can almost hear it now: Next, No. 141 — OMG!

Doc Havron should know better. Socialism equals shared misery. Can’t wait for that.

How can you dislike “Santa Claus”? Free stuff for all — but at whose expense?

I encourage everyone to support your church of faith, the Red Cross, Salvation Army, SPCA, and all the other wonderful charities out there that provide social support. But please keep the federal government away from us as much as possible.

Rick Young

USAF (Ret.)


In Zach’s memory

The family of Zach Whitacre would like to thank everyone who donated blood on Sept. 28 at Gore Volunteer Fire and Rescue Co. in Zach’s memory. Thank you!

Sue Whitacre

Frederick County