Letters to the editor

Posted: January 11, 2013

Sowell mistaken

Thomas Sowell suggests French school books emphasizing internationalism and pacifism over patriotism between the world wars caused early French capitulation to Nazi Germany.

That could hardly be the case. “Indoctrinated” graduates of public schools in the mere 22 years that passed after the 1918 armistice were clearly not leaders and decision-makers in France in 1940. On the other hand, many of those graduates were part of the French resistance during the war and key players in the actions that later facilitated development of a new, finally peaceful German state.

Thomas D. Stouffer

Colonel, USMC (Ret.)


Wayside ever  ‘a special gift’

Everyone living in the Wayside Theatre community should realize what a very special gift we have here. A small hometown theater where one can go for a bit of escapism fare is something to be nurtured, treasured, and protected.

The plays at Wayside were my introduction to live theater. Living in the mostly rural area of the northern Shenandoah Valley, there was seldom an opportunity to see a play performed by professional actors.

When we were teenagers back in the 1960s, my sister and I would attend Wayside’s matinee productions during our summer vacations from school. We would “dress up” and she, the one with the driver’s license, would drive us in Daddy’s car to Middletown for an afternoon of delightful entertainment.

I still remember leaving the hot summer sun behind as we entered the tiny, darkened theater to find our seats and read our playbills, quietly anticipating the curtains opening and the enchanting world of real actors on a stage to appear before us. I know we saw many actors and actresses who went on to become famous, but we were most delighted when Linde Hayen and Harold Herman performed.

I have enjoyed productions at Wayside for the past 45 years. I guess having a live theater nearby where I can see the same quality acting as I can see in a theater on Broadway has become a given for me. I thought Wayside would always be here, ready and waiting when I wanted to attend. I can’t imagine not being able to do so.

I hope there are many who feel the same way. I hope there are many who can help Wayside now when it so greatly needs our support.

Diane Artz Furlong


Why not change  the ’Skins’ mascot

With regard to your editorial of Jan. 10 regarding Robert Griffin III’s injury being the result of “bad karma,” I heard a wonderful solution to this dilemma on the radio while I was driving to work.

Don’t change the Washington Redskins’ nickname; change their mascot — to the Potato.

Stephen Kuehm


Banksters  celebrate

What a disappointing two days for people everywhere.

On Sunday, global regulators lowered the quantity and quality of bank reserve requirements protecting taxpayers from having to again bail out the banks. That does not mean the banks ever achieved the previous requirements though. It just means banks were given another four years to sufficiently shore up their balance sheets so they can survive the next financial crisis which they, themselves, create. In setting the new level for bank reserves, witless regulators projected that any new crisis will last less than one month.

On Monday, American regulators agreed to accept $8.5 billion and settle the mortgage foreclosure mess, which banks created. All the cited bank activities were patently illegal.

No one ever quantified the amount of damage banks illegally caused to homeowners. Yet when they gave the banking industry a mild slap on the wrist, regulators showed us that corporate crime pays big in America.

Ah, the price of freedom. Regulators freely move back and forth between government and the financial industry. Worn-out politicians freely find a lucrative retirement within the industries which they oversee through committee assignments. And politicians of all stripes are either too dumb, too lazy, or too philosophically calcified to care.

Stephen Kish

Frederick County

Whitacre ‘best  choice’ for district

I am writing this letter to voice my support of Angela Whitacre for Gainesboro District supervisor.

Whether she is appointed by the Board of Supervisors or elected by the people, I believe she will serve our district well.

I have lived in this district my entire life. I believe that a longtime resident such as Mrs. Whitacre is the best choice for the job.

Helen Flowers

Gainesboro District