Letters to the editor

Posted: January 19, 2013

Thanking a city’s Good Samaritans

Winchester has long been a stopping-over place on our trips from Massachusetts to North Carolina. We have always found it a warm and friendly town, but this past December some of your town’s folk became true Good Samaritans. And for their help we want to extend a public thank-you.

On the Friday morning before Christmas, I realized I had left my heart medication at home. Knowing a Walmart was located behind our hotel. I called my doctor at home, who faxed my prescription to the Walmart pharmacy. But instead of having the problem solved an adventure was about to begin.

I cannot take the generic form of the medication, and Walmart didn’t have the brand name. The pharmacist and pharmacy tech called all the surrounding stores, to no avail. They suggested a nearby CVS.

So, with prescription in hand, there we went. Explaining the situation, we learned they, too, only had the generic. Even though extremely busy, the pharmacist called other stores and even the hospital. She finally found my prescription at the Rotz pharmacy. So, after a two-hour ordeal, medication in hand, we were on our way.

Everyone involved was patient, courteous, professional, and willing to do whatever it took to solve the problem. Unfortunately, I do not have their names, but hopefully they will read this and know how their acts of compassion touched our hearts.

Barbara & Patrick LaPorte

West Yarmouth, Mass.

On watts, what?

Taking exception to David C. Green’s letter regarding wind generators: If the generator produced 3 billion watt hours of electrical energy over a period of one year, this would be 3 million kilowatts hours, not 3,000 (3,000,000,000/1,000 equals 3,000,000).

Robert L. Gray

Gray Engineering Inc.


Busy band kids

The Sherando band students were very busy during December. In between concerts and performances, they found time to host their first Breakfast with Santa & Holiday Bazaar that brought happiness and magic to more than 115 children and their families.

Our students also made the holidays a little easier for two single parents with children with personal donations of gifts. Many band parents are very proud of the students for remembering the spirit of the season, while sharing their love and generosity.

Sandy Lyons


Sherando Band Boosters