Letters to the editor

Posted: February 27, 2013

A lasting ‘Impression’

Our community has lost a true “friend” with the recent closing of Impressions Plus. Todd Thompson, Colleen Woods, Samantha Bennett, Kendra Tolley, and the entire staff have always been there to provide community support to so many businesses, charities, and organizations.

Over the years, we have seen Impressions Plus give support to area schools, Kiwanis clubs, Shenandoah University, the American Red Cross, The United Way of Northern Shenandoah Valley, the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival, the Winchester Royals, the Top of Virginia Chamber of Commerce, and countless other worthwhile organizations.

The support has come in the way of discounts and donations of printed materials as well as volunteer man hours. Very seldom would you see a community event where Impressions was not making an “impression” of some type.

We personally want to thank Todd, Colleen, and the entire staff for 27 years of fantastic community support, and we are sure they will continue to support our community, whatever their futures may hold. Impressions Plus made our hometown a much better place to live.

Mike & Kathleen O’Dell


A blessing

We are blessed to have the Winchester Medical Center in our area.

A short time ago I checked in for a knee operation and received prompt, professional care from all of the staff, along with my surgeon, Dr. Dennis Wise.

The operation was most successful, and my thanks go to Dr. Wise and the excellent staff at the center for the care I received.

Doug Butler


Paying it forward

Valentine’s Day is definitely a day for lovers. My daughter is a special young woman. She has Down Syndrome.

She and her boyfriend have been together for 10 years. He had been “saving up” to buy my daughter a nice present and pay for her dinner. I took them to Chili’s.

It was busy, and we waited some time to get a table. As she pushed her boyfriend’s wheelchair, my daughter looked so pretty in a red sparkly top and a silver-bow head band. We enjoyed our meal; it was really good.

When it came time to pay the bill, I signaled the waitress that I didn’t know how to use their little machine that was on each table. Our waitress was terrific, too, by the way. She brought our ticket over and told us it has been taken care of by a young couple that wanted to do something nice (pay it forward) in 2013.

I’ve enclosed a copy of the note they left us. We were so excited that this couple was so thoughtful and nice. Thanks, guys, you’re the best.

Judith Miller


(Ed. Note: The note referenced above, written on the bottom of the restaurant bill, reads: “From one young couple to another, we hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.”)

The gavel sounds: ‘Go, Judges!’

“I’ve got a theory that if you give 100 percent all of the time, somehow things will work out in the end.”

— Larry Bird

Most who live in the area know the story: Judge John Handley visited and loved Winchester, and so bequeathed an endowment for a high school to be built. Thus, a remarkable edifice, Handley High School, towers over the area.

With the force of his gavel, Judge Handley emblematically loves and supports his school in academics, athletics, and through educators and coaches.

As a community, we are very proud of what the school represents and offer our heartfelt support to this year’s boys’ basketball team, which has maintained a tremendous work ethic and persevered through their losses and mistakes. The players and coaches maintained a staunch positive attitude, exemplified the unnerving will to win, and demonstrated the true meaning of teamwork.

With Handley’s win over Loudoun Valley in the regional tournament, a tremendous dream has come true — regional champions! Congratulations and accolades to longtime friend and high-school teammate, Tommy Dixon, for a job well done. The Handley fans and graduates voice their pride in the efforts of the young players and fine assistant coaches.

In the upcoming state tournament, play with passion, determination, and a relentless will to succeed, and follow the guidance and wisdom from your experienced coaches. As a noteworthy reminder, absorb the prophetic words inscribed in the S. Truett Cathy monument in Atlanta: “No Goal Is Too High If We Climb With Care and Confidence.”

Godspeed, Judges!

Doug Strosnider


Just asking . . .

Once the criminally inclined are in a position to know what law-abiding citizens most probably possess in regard to the types and numbers of firearms (or, more importantly, what they don’t possess), they will be in a better position to plan their nefarious activities.

I recently read that since the current administration took office there have been 65 million firearms sold in the United States and, since December 2012, there have been so many firearms sold that the gun dealers are having problems keeping up with the demand. Perhaps there should be increased emphasis from all concerned for professional training for firearms owners.

This whole thing has not played out yet with any assurance as to where it will go. In the meantime, I know of no one who is willing to post a sign outside of their home, where they and their families live, which states: “This is a gun-free home.” Why is that?

We do that for our schools and other places where our precious children spend a goodly amount of their time. We do that, literally or indirectly, through well-publicized laws. If we are willing to do that for the supposed increased protection of our children — why do we not do that for the improved safety and protection of our homes and families? I am just asking.

Allen Dale


Renewal of faith

Most recently, I had a medical emergency that required a referral to Dr. Robert Wehner at Valley Retina Specialists in Winchester.

The office saw me immediately that afternoon. Apparently, they knew more than I about my condition. A pat on the shoulder, his bedside manner, and attention to detail told me I had the right doctor for the job.

Dr. Wehner, you’ve given me a new renewal of faith in the medical profession.

Syd Pitzer

Frederick County