Letters to the editor

Posted: March 28, 2013

Epileptics are born that way

I don’t have anything against homosexuals. That is their choice. But when they start criticizing a person who is born with epilepsy and doesn’t have a choice, well, that’s unreal.

Before these people want compassion, they ought to have compassion for us who don’t have a choice and are born with it.

Felipa Howe


Response time?

As your newspaper reported, our neighbors at 1245 Brucetown Road suffered a devastating house fire on Saturday night.

There are a few other facts to this story that should be mentioned, as well as explained by the Frederick County Fire and Rescue officials. The home that caught fire is located diagonally across the street from the Clear Brook Fire Department. By the time the occupants of the home exited the structure, at least two neighbors were already on the phone with the 911 operator, reporting the fire.

The fire continued to spread, as the homeowners and neighbors watched helplessly, wondering where the fire personnel were, and why the fire department was apparently unattended. The 911 operator was called back by a few neighbors and countless passers-by, but still no emergency personnel in sight.

Nearly 20 minutes after the initial 911 calls, a Clear Brook Fire Department SUV showed up at the fire hall, and a fire truck was brought to the scene. By this time, more than half of the structure was engulfed in flames.

Within minutes of the Clear Brook Fire Department showing up, other fire trucks and ambulances from Round Hill, Greenwood and other stations, as well as the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, were on the scene, begging the question: If the other personnel could get there so quickly, from so far away, why did it take so long for our fire department to respond?

We were told the delay was due to the fact they were on another call when this incident was reported. But the only Clear Brook fire vehicle that came from elsewhere was that SUV that showed up nearly 20 minutes after the calls for help. No tankers, ambulances, or otherwise seemed to be away from the station, simply that the fire hall was unattended.

It goes without saying, the time taken to respond had devastating consequences on the extent of damage that occurred to this home. I’m very thankful everyone was safely out of this house. Had anyone been trapped inside, they wouldn’t have stood a chance.

Walter Campbell

Clear Brook