Letters to the editor

Posted: August 23, 2013

Best use for the system?

I received a call from the Frederick County Rapid Communication System. To my surprise, it was not a notification of an emergency, a lost person, or even a power outage. It was a call from a local school principal welcoming students to the new school year.

I wonder if this is an appropriate use of this system. I am all for the school system getting everyone excited and on board for a positive start to the school year. But my understanding of the Rapid Communication System is that it’s a way to contact households in case of an emergency.

Now I may well be wrong, but if this is used for things other than emergency notifications, then isn’t this just another way to have the number ignored as if it were a telemarketer? Just a question.

Betty Sue Unger

Frederick County

Giving thanks for fair volunteers

Another great Clarke County Fair has passed, and the weather was just about perfect. All our foodstand volunteers seemed to be impressed with our new facility.

We thank each and every one who gave their time to help out. There were several Ruritan members, parishioners from St. Bridget Catholic Church, Blue Ridge Hunt Club members, a group of county officials, a group of town officials. a Boy Scout troop and parents, National Honor Society students, and wonderful local residents helping us throughout the week.

As always, we are so grateful for their volunteer work that helps us succeed at our job.

Jim Willis David Miller Linda Miller Mary Lou Sipe

Chair and co-chairs

Foodstand Committee

Clarke County Ruritan Club