Letters to the editor

Posted: September 25, 2013

LaRock, for  fiscal sanity

I will be pursuing the fiscal sanity route this fall by voting for conservative Dave LaRock.

We are in a season of history when the “elected elite” are addicted to the citizen’s earnings. They spend like drunken sailors, and most of the services have a low-to-no ROI (return on investment).

The Democrats have drafted another lawyer to help expand the state role in our lives. Mary Daniel, if elected, would bring her collections attorney skill set to Richmond with our money in her sights. Her ideological identity makes her likely voting record easy to track — tax and spend!

Dave LaRock will 1) eliminate waste, 2) buck the establishment, and 3) produce a Reaganesque record. Dave LaRock is the easy choice.

Michael Weibel


McAuliffe preys  on women’s fears

Terry McAuliffe’s campaign has attacked Ken Cuccinelli’s 2008 proposal to require a parent to have a legal reason for seeking a divorce. While McAuliffe’s strategy obviously preys upon a woman’s fear of being trapped in an abusive marriage, abuse is a legal reason for divorce.

What the McAuliffe camp apparently doesn’t think we women will figure out is that Cuccinelli’s bill would have helped the countless struggling moms who were left holding the bag when their husbands decided to walk out on the family for no reason other than the marriage was no longer exciting or the demands of child-rearing had become difficult.

McAuliffe’s campaign must think that they are being savvy and progressive by making the permanence of marriage appear old-fashioned and oppressive. Do they know that divorce is a leading cause of poverty for women and children? No one benefits from making it “easy” to abandon a family.

Rita M. Dunaway


LaRock clueless  on transportation

David LaRock has stated he wants to repeal recent transportation funding legislation (HB 2313) because it is “irresponsible.” He has also made numerous statements that illustrate he obviously doesn’t understand HB 2313 and the critical transportation issues it addresses.

He states he will work to increase the percentage of Virginia transportation dollars spent in Northern Virginia — even though HB 2313 provides that every transportation dollar raised in NoVa will be spent in NoVa.

LaRock has stated repeatedly, and incorrectly, that in Clarke and Frederick each county resident will be paying as much as $1,500 in additional taxes for new NoVa transportation projects they will never use. However, neither Clarke nor Frederick are in the NoVa transportation tax district, and the citizens of these counties will have every opportunity to use the transportation improvements there.

He says he will implement a state transportation project prioritization system based on need and projected return — even though HB 2313 provides for just such a prioritization system, which is already underway.

LaRock says he will work to ensure transportation spending is focused on increased safety, and has said publicly the appropriate approach is to repeal HB 2313. He proposes to take existing funding from Southside and Southwest Virginia, which have the largest number of unsafe bridges, and redistribute this funding across the state.

Lastly, LaRock does not understand that Virginia transportation funding from gas taxes has decreased over the past decade, while population and transportation needs have steadily increased. This funding decrease has occurred because of fuel economy improvements, and because gas taxes are not indexed to inflation.

HB 2313 provides funding resources to restore lost transportation dollars — not to increase the burden on state taxpayers.

Do we really want to elect someone making such uninformed statements to public office? I don’t think so either.

Pat Klein


Great concert

On Saturday, Sept. 15, at the Bright Box Theater, the Shenandoah Conservatory performed its first concert here on the “new” Old Town Mall. It was a great turnout.

I enjoyed meeting new friends, seeing old friends, having good food and drink, and hearing a beautiful concert.

The next one will be in October. I look forward to seeing everyone again.

David Russell

(Old Town Ambassador)



In Pamela McKinley’s Open Forum of Sept. 23 (“Taxpayer mercy”), an important figure was inadvertently omitted: Frederick County is scheduled to make its last mortgage payment on 107 N. Kent St. (its administration building) in December 2014. The Star regrets this transcription error.