Letters to the editor

Posted: November 13, 2013

Enough is enough about John Kerr

In response to yet another commentary on the new John Kerr site, I have to say enough is enough.

First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kristy Walker. I have been the PTO president at John Kerr for the past three years, and the PTO treasurer two years prior to that. I have a seventh-grader at Daniel Morgan and a third-grader at John Kerr.

In my time in office, the “real” prospect of a new John Kerr has been on the agenda for the past two years. I realize this subject has been discussed for almost 20 years, but it really came to a boiling point during my tenure.

As a result of this possible “new school,” as the PTO president I have been asked to take multiple surveys of our families to determine what they want. These surveys extended to petitions throughout the community and then more surveys and then web sites where folks could log their opinions and so on.

From what I have been able to gather from all of these surveys, polls, and wasted time is that most of our concerned citizens and our teaching staff want the school to stay on the current site. So why are we still talking about it?

The School Board voted on it, and, trust me, the vote was not rushed; it has literally taken years. Why are we still asking for surveys? Why are we finding new issues? When is a vote final? We’ve spent so much money on surveys that don’t get used that we now don’t have enough money in the budget for desks to accommodate the new school, if it’s ever built.

Just curious, how many of you have ever been in the existing John Kerr? While we are all trying to figure out who is going to benefit the most from this new school (and, let’s be honest, most aren’t thinking of the kids and education), my son and more than 300 other children go to a school where on a rainy day the hallway is filled with buckets and the buckets are overflowing. There is mold and decay and very few ceiling tiles and a roof that is deteriorating and no walls. Shall I go on?

Let’s stop finding reasons to re-research and re-vote and get on with it before the current school falls down around our kids!

Kristy Walker

PTO president

John Kerr Elementary School

Data favoritism?

I write in support of Max Totten’s letter, which you published on Nov. 11, regarding the apparent manipulation of data by proponents of the theory of global warming due to human activity.

I agree with Mr. Totten’s premise that the selection of information these people cite in support of their conclusions appears to show data favoritism.

But I also question their overall assignment of causality to human industrial activity and population growth. I do so because for the life of me, I can’t find any record of these implied human influences in the three previous global climate change cycles over the last 300,000 years. (See: Wikipedia Glacial Periods Timeline, for reference)

Therefore I must question what human (or humanoid) activity contributed to climate change during those times as well. Was it their learning how to make fires to keep their caves warm?

Jack McClure

Virginia-certified geologist (inactive)


Ladies helped Make a Difference

I would like to take a few minutes to send a big thank-you to all my Curves girls, family, and friends. They helped me raise food and a lot of other very needed things to help for Make a Difference Day. We will be donating to the SPCA and one of my favorites — Shirley’s Angels Boxer Rescue.

I would also like to give a big thank-you to Sandy Wolfe for donating a beautiful necklace from Premier Designs for us to raffle for Breast Cancer Month. We raised more than $200 to go for a very special cause.

Thank you to every one of these wonderful ladies who helped me help others. You all are great. It is such a pleasure and a honor knowing and working with the incredible ladies I spend my days with.

Susan and Johnnie Lambert

Curves of Winchester

Offensive to ‘true conservatives’

Your front-page story (Nov. 2) reports that a Geoffrey Skelley feels that Ken Cuccinelli is “just too stridently conservative” for Virginia today. His use of the word “conservative” is offensive to “true conservatives” like myself. What he should have said is “too reactionary.”

“False conservatives” in the mold of Cuccinelli’s reactionary spirit condemn what they call “big government” and continue to talk about “freedom” and “personal liberties.” It is precisely because people have used their freedoms and personal liberties in self-serving ways that what they call “big government” has become a necessity, sometimes of “titanic” proportions, in order to pick up the pieces and meet the demands of a concern for “the common good.”

Similar thoughts could have been applied to local races as in that of Larry Yates vs, Mark Berg for the House of Delegates. Larry Yates is a “true conservative” with concerns for the “common good.” Mark Berg is a “reactionary” — even beyond that of Ken Cuccinelli.

So “true conservatives,” unite!”

The Rev. Don Prange


Bingo Night for C-CAP, food bank

Recently The Star reported on C-CAP’s need for assistance and their call for help. This community is blessed to have agencies such as C-CAP and the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank (BRAFB), and we would like to let you know we are doing something to help!

On Saturday, Nov. 16 our social sorority, Xi Gamma Pi, will be hosting FEED THE VALLY Bingo!The proceeds of this event will be equally divided between C-CAP and the BRAFB.

In addition to 20 games of bingo, we will have wonderful raffle baskets, food, door prizes, and even an extra “Men Only” bingo game. Prizes include purses by Coach and thirty one, and select retired baskets from Longaberger.

Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door, per seat. Doors open at 5 p.m., games start at 6 p.m. Plus, if you bring at food donation (canned/boxed), you will receive a ticket for a special extra raffle.

Please join us Saturday, at the Eagles Club (700 Baker Lane, Winchester) to have a fun-filled evening in support of C-CAP and the BRAFB. For tickets, call Vicki Newlin 667-1660 or stop by Shenandoah Sand, or call Jacquie Wheeler at 450-8807.

Jacquie Wheeler

Secretary, Xi Gamma Pi


A veterans salute

This is a note of appreciation on behalf of Winchester VFW Post 2123 for the Veterans Day celebration ceremony hosted by Millbrook High School on Nov. 8. The diligence and hard work by students and faculty at Millbrook and other schools in the area were effective in bringing local veterans together and creating a sense of honor that all veterans appreciate.

It was a real pleasure to see students and teachers forming lines to personally welcome veterans as they entered Millbrook, and again as they departed. We all enjoyed the food and hospitality, along with the very uplifting program in the auditorium.

Thanks again to the folks at Millbrook and the surrounding area for rolling out the red carpet and may the Frederick County area continue to reap the benefits of your example. For your patriotic efforts, we salute you.

Rodney Cowley


VFW Post 2123