M’town police investigate home invasions

Posted: January 23, 2014

The Winchester Star

Police Chief R. Philip Breeden

MIDDLETOWN — Local police are investigating two home invasions and a third break-in that occurred here on Jan. 16 in the 7900 block of Church Street.

“I would strongly advise the local community here if they have deadbolt locks to please use them,” said Middletown Police Chief R. Philip Breeden.

The home invasions occurred in the early morning hours and it is believed that the person or persons responsible made entry into the residences with a screwdriver.

Once inside, the individual(s) ransacked drawers and purses, taking money and silverware.

In one home, cash and several pieces of silverware were taken, and in another a digital video recorder was stolen.

The owner of the third residence could not determine if anything was missing.

In the first two residences, the owners were home at the time entry was made, Breeden said.

One was in bed and didn’t hear the break-in, and the other called out when she heard a noise, scared the burglar off and then called police.

Breeden said that similar home invasions have been reported in Frederick and Shenandoah counties, Washington County, Md., and in Pennsylvania.

Investigators are working together to try and solve the crimes, but there are no suspects, according to Breeden.

He encouraged any other residents who may encounter a similar situation to not approach the burglar, call police and stay as quiet as possible.

“I would strongly advise not to approach these people,” Breeden warned. “There’s no use in ending your life over a piece of property.”

Anyone with information about the home invasions is asked to call the Middletown Police Department at 540-868-0535.

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