Make Mango Sticky Rice

Posted: September 25, 2013

Star staff report

The following recipe was provided by Yun Mai from the Cooking Season in Winchester.

Mango Sticky Rice

10 ounces uncooked sweet rice

(available in international food market)

10 ounces water

2 cups sugar, divided

13.5-ounce can unsweetened coconut


1 mango, sliced

1/4 cup peanuts, chopped

(substitute with nut of preference

or sesame seeds)

Steam rice and water until water is absorbed, about 15 minutes. Let cool 10 minutes. Slowly stir in 1 cup sugar into the rice.

To make the coconut syrup, in a pan on the stove heat milk and 1 cup sugar on low for 10 minutes, stirring constantly or until it thickens. Let syrup cool to room temperature (unless you desire a warm dessert).

Divide the rice into four portions and place on a plate. Pour syrup over the rice. Top each mound with chopped nuts. Mango may be placed on the plate in a pattern or design to make the dish more attractive.

Cook’s note — do not top with nuts before adding syrup or it affects the crunchiness.