McAuliffe has fundraising edge in race

Posted: September 20, 2013

The Winchester Star

Ken Cuccinelli
Terry McAuliffe
Robert Sarvis

WINCHESTER — Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli started the year with more campaign money than his Democratic opponent, but Terry McAuliffe has outpaced him for 2013 by about 28 percent with the Nov. 5 election less than two months away.

McAuliffe’s campaign contributions from Jan. 1 through Aug. 31 totaled about $18.5 million, compared to about $13.4 million for Cuccinelli, according to campaign finance reports compiled by political fund tracker The Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP).

In 2012, Cuccinelli’s primary campaign fund raised just shy of $2 million, according to the website, which provided the contribution amounts and candidate balances for this story. More than half of that came in the form of cash contributions of more than $100.

Cuccinelli transferred $641,938 from other committees he controls, and in-kind contributions accounted for $109,080. He ended the year with a balance of about $1.2 million.

Frederick County residents contributed $2,971 to his campaign, city residents $325 and Clarke County residents $1,156.

The top Frederick County donor in 2012 was Edvin V. Farinholt with $2,700. Winchester resident Julia L. Boulder contributed $225, and in Clarke County, Elizabeth Kay Gunter gave $750 and Barry J. Fry $406.

As of Aug. 31 of this year, Cuccinelli had raised about $13.4 million, with about $7.7 million coming from cash contributions of more than $100 and $4.2 million in in-kind contributions above $100. His ending balance was around $2.2 million.

Clarke County residents have donated $8,157 to Cuccinelli this year, with $3,447 coming from Elizabeth Kay Gunter; $2,000 from Margaret Kern; $750 from Robina Rich; $500 from Anthony P.D. Elia Jr.; $305 from Barry J. Fry; $250 from Melanie Kitchen; and $200 each from Hanna Faith Alway and Caroline L. Roberts.

Winchester residents donated $15,550 from Jan. 1 through Aug. 31. Top city donors were J. Donald Shockey Jr. ($2,500), Ross Spicer for Frederick County Board of Supervisors campaign fund ($1,750), Richard D. Kern Jr. ($1,725), James T. Vickers ($1,500), Phillip J. Lewis ($1,250), El Centro of Winchester ($750), Thelma C. Schwarz ($600), Belinda Grove Schiavoni ($400), Walter H. Aikens LLP ($375), Gertrude G. Kern ($300), H.B. Simpson ($300), Gray C. Farland ($250), Glaize Development Inc. ($250), Nicholas E. Parthemos ($250), Scott E. Patnode ($250), Jeanne W. Patnode ($250), Kathryn Perry Werner ($250), Llewellyn Kitchin ($250), Phillip Lewis Insurance ($250), Col. John P. Tagnesi ($250), Robert Gruber ($200), J. Thomas Kremer Jr. ($200), John Truban ($200) and Phillip D. Rhoads ($200).

Cuccinelli has received $24,860 from Frederick County residents this year. Annandale Millwork Allied Systems and Laurie A. Frogale each donated $5,000, followed by David Clark Gum Jr. ($4,500), Mary Rice ($2,000), Edvin V. Farinholt ($1,000), Gerald F. Smith Jr. ($1,000), H. George White Jr. ($1,000), William Lewis Eaves ($300), Arthur R. Behnke ($250), Lisa B. Callanan ($250), Gretchen L. Coffey ($250), Gene E. Fisher ($250), Louise Fowler ($250), Michael D. Guevremont ($250), Edward David Jenkins ($250), Diane O. Ruckman ($250), Richard C. Shickle Sr. ($250), Louise M. Shickle ($250), Gregory G. Stanford ($250), Deborah Anne Berg ($225) and John P. Supko ($200).

McAuliffe started off the year with a balance of about $1 million. He raised about $1.2 million last year, with more than $1 million of that coming from cash contributions above $100.

His only donation from Winchester in 2012 was $200 from Karen Kennedy Schultz. In Frederick County, Richard G. Dick gave $1,000. There were no donations from Clarke County.

This year, McAuliffe has raised about $18.5 million through August. Nearly $16 million of that came from contributions above $100, and $1.7 million from in-kind contributions.

He finished August with a balance of about $5 million.

Winchester residents have contributed $4,225 to McAuliffe’s coffers this year. The top city donor was Karen Kennedy Schultz, who gave $2,500. Timothy Stephen Coyne donated $600, James Laster $300, Gary Austin $225 and Suzanne Conrad $200.

In Frederick County, residents have given McAuliffe $3,588. Richard G. Dick has given $2,000, Scott Rosenfeld $360, James William Kerns $350 and Richard Hampton $250.

McAuliffe has received $1,185 from Clarke County residents this year. Mary Chamberlayne contributed $500, followed by Daniel Garrett and Howard Means, who each gave $200.

Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis started the year with a zero balance, but has since raised $66,060. Of that, $17,813 came from contributions of more than $100, and $29,981 were in-kind contributions.

Sarvis hasn’t received any contributions from residents in Winchester or Clarke and Frederick counties.

He had $19,109 remaining in his campaign account as of Aug. 31.

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