‘Needy but great payoff’Some helpful tips for raising roses in the garden

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Posted: September 2, 2013

The Winchester Star

Roses are beautiful blooms in the garden but are the type of plants home owners have to decide if they want to invest a great deal of time and effort for the desired results.
The museum sprays once a week with a broad range of insecticides for ornamental plants to deal with pests, such as the Japanese beetle, which nibbles on the blooms and takes the flower’s nectar.
The key to maintaining strong, healthy roses is keeping them open and disease free, which means paying attention to the health of the flowers.
Deadheading is important to get regrowth all year. The rule of thumb is break it off at the first point the stem has five full leaves.
Black spot is a fungus that manifests itself on rose bushes as black spots on leaves progressing to black spots fringed with yellow rings on both sides of the leaves. Even when infected leaves fall, the fungus can survive in the soil so they need to be removed.

Winchester — Often considered one of the most beautiful flowers in home gardens, roses also have a reputation for being high maintenance.

In many ways, that description isn’t far off the…

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