Open Forum: Authentic conservatives

Posted: October 30, 2013

I find it interesting that the Richmond Times-Dispatch can’t endorse either candidate for governor this year. That must mean that Terry McAuliffe is really bad.

We know no self-respecting media source could possibly endorse a Republican, especially a conservative like Ken Cuccinelli. Large city newspapers are almost completely dominated by left-leaning “journalists.” To think the T-D can’t go along with Terry is stunning.

McAuliffe says he has a jobs plan, but he doesn’t say what it is. Sounds more like he has a jobs goal, not a plan. If it’s anything like the company he founded — GreenTech — jobs will be a rare commodity if he’s is elected governor.

He claimed he would create 25,000 U.S. jobs (mostly in Virginia) and produce up to 1 million electric cars. But the only job — that’s job, not jobs – created was in Mississippi and that was one more than the number of cars produced. Yet GreenTech received $37.5 million in subsidies.

The Washington Post summarized his dealings as follows: "A review of McAuliffe’s business history shows him often coming out ahead personally, even if some investments fail or become embroiled in controversy.” The Post also examined the American Heritage Homes venture in which McAuliffe made millions on a $100 investment.

In a nutshell, McAuliffe is a millionaire who got rich off his business dealings and political ties with Democrat big-wigs like the Clintons and is under federal investigation. Sounds like a classy guy. Yet somehow The Post can overlook all that and endorse McAuliffe.

Meanwhile, he portrays Cucinnelli as a woman-hater who will take away birth-control and ban abortion. Do people really believe that? Evidently, because it worked in the presidential campaign last year. The Democrats have targeted their message of lies to the lowest common denominator — people who don’t follow politics and are extremely gullible.

The truth is Cuccinelli started a sexual assault awareness program while in college at UVa. As attorney general, he has cracked down on sex trafficking in Virginia. Married to the same woman for more than 20 years and the father of seven, Cuccinelli could hardly be called a woman-hater.

Cuccinelli will lower business and individual taxes to keep Virginia a business-friendly state. He will get the EPA off the back of the coal companies and work to reduce job-killing regulations (those would be “saved” jobs, to use an Obama term that was formerly in vogue). He will fight off Medicare expansion that would cost Virginia billions when the federal money promise dries up in a few years.

Cuccinelli’s jobs plan has substance, McAuliffe's has federal investigators.

As for other Republicans running for office, of which the GOP establishment is ashamed: I assume a vote against E.W. Jackson is a sign of racism. If you’ve ever heard him speak, especially preaching the gospel, you’d see he speaks from the heart (without a teleprompter). He loves God and isn’t afraid to say it. He has passion; he’d fight for individual liberty.

Locally, we have Mark Berg, who has rightly been portrayed as a constitutional conservative, vs. Larry Yates who has associations with communist web sites. The argument is that Yates is “for the little guy.” Do people no longer realize we are a nation of laws, not of men? Justice must be blind for justice to be fair. The two are polar opposites, and Berg, in upholding the Constitution, is fighting for all, not just the persecuted du jour.

Personally, I am glad to see true conservatives on the ballot in Virginia. While they aren’t flashy, they will keep Virginia a great place for business, lower in unemployment, lower in taxes, and lower in crime (due to fewer gun laws). They will stay out of your personal lives. If Virginia swings to the left, exactly the opposite will be true.

Mark Stickley resides in Winchester.