Open Forum: Blind allegiance

Posted: October 13, 2012

It never ceases to amaze me how Democrats can fling the lowest of accusations, dehumanize Republicans, spew anger, bigotry and racism that’s off the charts — and then claim aggrieved party status.

You cannot dominate people with ignorance and insult as your weapon; you are going to get some pushback. With hero worship of a man convicted of lying under oath while holding the highest office in the land (“Slick Willie” Clinton), I guess we can’t really expect even a modicum of objectivity from today’s zombie-like Democrats.

Democrats will embrace whatever their sociopathic leader, Barack Obama, commands them to do. And yes, indeed, to all you Birkenstock-wearing geeks who thought calling Bush “Dubya” was the cleverest thing you ever did, a defining phrase in your lives, Obama’s middle name most certainly is Hussein. Deal with it, and deal with all of the racist and bigoted connotations your narrow minds can conjure up, and stop whining about being a “proud Democrat” and getting bullied in this newspaper.

When you blindly follow a man who insults everyone who disagrees with him, a man who rips asunder the roots that hold people’s lives together, mocks his opposition, and lies when he makes mistakes, you are enabling an ugliness that has become the norm under this administration.

Obama analyzed the electorate after mid-terms and declared, “The voters were panicked, and panicked people do stupid things.” This obnoxious, arrogant statement coming after his famous “people cling to God and guns” nonsense, gives us major insight into his own issues.

At first blush, a cursory glance, Obama has quite a few markers of a textbook sociopath. Who is Obama’s best friend? How about any friend? Childhood friend? How about a classmate, any classmates? He does not appear to have friends, just people he used on his way up the ladder.

Responsibility appears to be nothing more than a weapon to Obama, something he affixes to others for his incompetence. Responsibility for mistakes is unheard of with Obama, yet, by the classified info he has leaked, one would think Obama is the man who drilled Osama bin Laden between the eyes.

Sociopathic, or just childish, coupling Obama with Joe Biden has to be the worst ticket ever in American politics. I would love to administer the Folstein mini-mental exam to Biden. He never knows where he is, he rarely knows the date, and since he can’t get numbers right, I doubt he could count backwards by 7.

With all the Democrats in the press frothing hysterically about Romney’s early Middle East statement about the terrorist attack on our embassy, telling us how irresponsible it was to speak without all the facts, I was floored. These are the same Democrats who ran cover for Obama when he said, without any facts, “The Cambridge police acted stupidly.” He tried to recover with the embarrassingly inane “Beer Summit.”

Then he stepped in it again, falling for the photograph of that beautiful 12-year-old boy, saying, “Trayvon could have been my son.” How embarrassing when the most current photo came out of the gold-toothed “gangsta”-looking young man.

Yet Democrats brush that aside, just like they are doing now with Obama’s shattered Middle East policy of appeasement. How is it that such a god on earth as Obama, with his Ivy League education that only the rich can afford, can forget that the United States trained the Taliban and mujahedeen so they could expel the Soviet invaders from Afghanistan, and those “freedom fighters” paid us back with 9/11?

We help in Libya, and our ambassador is murdered. We help depose a three-decade-long ally in Egypt, and now they dance with rabid hatred for America in the streets of Cairo.

Ya think there is a lesson here?

And please, Democrats, stop demeaning yourself with the lie that all the anti-American hatreds running deep in the Muslim world are due to one film. They despise us in that part of the world much like you despise Republicans. No reason needed.

Let your president shoot from the hip without facts, and then lie when he does have the facts, but you need not prove your fealty by joining him.

B.J. Evans is a resident of Winchester.