Open Forum: Experience-plus

Posted: October 1, 2013

To the residents of the City of Winchester: My name is Leonard Bauserman. I am your Democratic candidate for City Sheriff. I announced my candidacy April 20.

In that announcement, I stated the following: I have spent the last 21 years working for the residents of Winchester as a police officer. field training officer (FTO), detective, criminal investigations sergeant, patrol sergeant, patrol lieutenant, and captain for the past three years of the Criminal and Special Investigations Division. I am now captain in charge of the Administrative Division of the Winchester Police Department. I have either worked in and or supervised nearly every sworn position in the department during my tenure.

The variety of positions in the department has allowed me to grow as a supervisor and provided me with experience in payroll, schedules, required training, employee evaluations, internal investigations, special events, fleet purchasing, fleet maintenance, all types of criminal investigations, property and evidence, and the creation of the Timbrook House and Volunteers in Policing. And the list goes on.

I intend to take this experience and knowledge and apply it to the position of sheriff, striving to always move forward, be proactive, be innovative, and provide the residents of Winchester with the most professional and knowledgeable Sheriff’s Office possible. I will apply this experience to the security of the Joint Judicial Center and its occupants, the timely service of warrants, subpoenas, civil process, and the safe and timely transportation of prisoners, and all duties of the Sheriff’s Office to ensure that we are striving for perfection in everything that we do.

I have been out in the community since June knocking on doors and attending events. I have discussed Judicial Center security with officials and civilians working in the building and the public, advocating the addition of an explosive detection dog, proactive security training, and planning for worst-case scenarios from the beginning. It is refreshing to see my new opponent is not only listening to what I have been saying, but agrees with it.

Training is not new to me as my resume indicates on my web site, I have attended numerous supervisor schools over my 21-plus years to prepare myself for the supervisory ranks I have held over the past 12 years.

I have been training new officers for 19 years, training no less than 54 officers in the course of my career. I supervised and managed 23 FTOs at one point. I currently teach Field Training Officer Basic and General Instructor Basic at the regional academy four times a year. I’m also a driving instructor.

As a detective, I was assigned the highest case load in the division, 168 active cases at one point. I cleared 102 cases in one year with an 80-plus percent cleared by arrest/cleared exceptional rating.

I have worked every Apple Blossom for the last 20 years and am fully aware of what is needed to work that large event with other agencies.

The partisan Chamber of Commerce Hob Knob straw poll is anything but accurate. It allows voters to vote for candidates not in their home district and is designed as an “informal” poll.

Being sheriff takes a special person, a person who is able to lead by example, make decisions, and listen to their employees and, most of all, the public that they serve.

I know that Leonard Bauserman is that person. Over the years, I have expressed my desires to Sheriff Lenny Millholland that if and when he decided to retire I would be interested in running for sheriff. The time is now and with you, the voters’ support, I am ready for the task.

Mr. Taylor, I would be more than happy to debate the issues and discuss what I stand for in a open forum/debate. I would request that the host be truly nonpartisan. I can make the arrangements if you like.

In closing, a wise Major Hildebrand once told me, “Whatever you do, no matter the type of call, never tell someone that there is nothing that you can do, for there is always something, some service, and some referrals, something you can do . . .” I have never forgotten those words of advice. It has served me well. I intend to carry that philosophy with me to the office of sheriff.

I am proud of Winchester and would even be more proud to be the sheriff of the great city. Thank you for your support.

Leonard M. Bauserman is Democratic candidate for the office of Winchester City Sheriff.