Open Forum: Failed ‘party’

Posted: October 29, 2013

There are two Tea Party candidates running for the Virginia House of Delegates to represent Frederick County. They are Mark Berg and David LaRock.

As the national Tea Party has done to the national Republican Party, Berg and LaRock have upset and weakened the local Republican Party. They supported the Tea Party members in Congress who shut down the government. These people could not achieve their policy objectives through constitutional processes, so they threw a temper tantrum and stopped the machinery of the government. This infantile behavior put 800,000 people out of work and cost the American economy $24 billion.

As the federal workers will receive back pay, government spending remained the same and for all the trouble they caused nothing was accomplished. Do we want this to happen in Virginia?

Mark Berg and David LaRock offer only ideological rhetoric and no practical solutions. Berg supporters have so little positive to say that they spend their time slandering and smearing their opponent. The idea of a “red menace” in Frederick County is so absurd it is laughable.

LaRock failed to show up for two candidate forums and when he did muster the courage to show up at a third forum he whined that his opponent had attacked him. While their “glittering generalities” may serve to symbolically reassure conservatives, the damage they do to the Republican Party and the greater cause of conservatism is real. They drove two established and respected conservative Republicans, Beverly Sherwood and Joe May, from public life.

They split the Republican Party. They oppose a transportation law for the commonwealth, but have no solution to the traffic congestion that is causing the strangulation of business and commerce. They oppose the abstract bogeyman of ObamaCare, yet they have no solution to any health care problem. They are running against a characterization of President Obama while they refuse to answer directly the practical, reasonable candidates who oppose them.

They are uncompromising to the extreme, while their opponents are willing to reach across party lines for real solutions to Virginia’s problems. In short, Mark Berg and David LaRock are an embarrassment to the Republican Party. They are damaging the Republican brand. The Tea Party has failed Republicans.

Warren D. Golightly is vice  chairman of the Frederick County  Democratic Committee.