Open Forum: ‘I’m an American’

Posted: July 17, 2014

I have a dream — that our children and grandchildren will once again live in the country in which all people are afforded the chance to succeed and be judged by what they do, and not by who or what they are. A country that was proud, strong, generous, and respected. Instead, that dream has turned into a nightmare.

We are no longer a “free” nation, except for those who come here illegally and on welfare, and those who have made a career of living off welfare (that includes most “elected” members of the federal government, supported by hard-working American taxpayers).

The rule of law and our basic moral values are being usurped by a politically driven, corrupt government that has lost touch with the American people, and most are more concerned about keeping their lucrative political careers. We no longer have a constitutional government of “We the people.” And who is to blame? The answer: “We the people.”

We want our rights and freedoms, but we aren’t willing to exercise our democratic responsibilities. Many don’t keep well-informed, and, unless personally affected by the state of things, go about their merry, carefree lives and let others do what they should be doing. When it comes to a democratic form of government, these are the very people who are irrelevant.

Our Congress and executive branch are bringing the United States to its knees. Congress is also known now as the “Millionaires Club” because of its policies, perks, and inside information — and no term limits. They have lost touch with the average American citizen. (I have been trying for the last seven months to see Sen. Mark Warner, my elected representative! I guess, since I’m not a big campaign donor, I’m irrelevant).

And, oh yes, we have a president who doesn’t seem to know anything but fun, fundraising, and “I wasn’t aware,” and “I have a pen and a phone.”

We’re all irrelevant if we don’t take an active role in our democratic government. Most of Germany’s peace-loving and unaffected citizens were irrelevant under Hitler, and one day they woke up to a tyrannical dictatorship where millions of peace-loving citizens were murdered, with more to follow. That’s just one of many examples of how we don’t learn from history.

How can so many in this democratic society, in which we are supposed to control the government, endure such travesties as:

Loss of respect from almost all other countries, including our allies.

Loss of privacy (NSA).

The IRS and their loss of irretrievable information due to several computers crashing.

Agreements to U.N. edicts, overriding our Constitution.

Benghazi: Four patriotic Americans were tortured and murdered. Why?

Fast and Furious.

Releasing hard-core Islamic terrorists.

Reducing our military. Now?

ISIS, now a large, self-proclaimed terrorist state in the Middle East.

Common Core education that advocates “teaching to tests” instead of teaching thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as “fudging” on our American history.

Open borders: If people on a life boat pulled everybody in, everyone would go down. Our “life boat” is already too full.

The U.S. economy: It isn’t better. Think about it. Those who have used up their unemployment benefits are no longer counted as unemployed. And those who are employed are making less money and many working one, two, or three part-time jobs. Prices on everything are going higher, as well.

An admitted debt of $17-plus trillion!

An American news media that’s mostly politically “owned.” It’s supposed to be our “Fourth Estate” that keeps a watchful eye on our federal government and reports back to the American people.

Politically correct — you cannot legislate opinion and prejudices. However, you can silence them, thus making those once gradually dying out prejudices silent, but deeper.

I’ve been told by some to relax and enjoy life, that things will be OK. Will they? Why do I care so much? Because I love this country and, most of all, I love my children and grandchildren. We should all care and be relevant enough to change the legacy we are allowing to be created for our families by our silence and complacency.

I’m neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I’m an American.

Winnie McCuan is a resident of Clarke County.