Open Forum: Justice not served

Posted: July 19, 2013

George Zimmerman was charged with murder without probable cause due to political pressure and accusations, without proof of racial profiling. That is a crime committed against all Americans.

The media referred to Zimmerman as a self-proclaimed, or “white,” Hispanic only to incite violence and slander an innocent man. No one covered the personality of the victim.

The 6-2, 175-pound muscular little child who, as evidence was presented, was anti-white, and whose Facebook page name was reported as “WILD N---A.” He allegedly slapped a bus driver for not giving him a free ride. He reportedly was in trouble for having brought marijuana to school, along with rings, watches, jewelry, and a large screwdriver. Reportedly, he said he found it all on his way to school. None of this was allowed to be presented in court because it would sway a jury, and not present the truth.

Barack Obama initiated more splitting of America by his intervention in a local issue and the Justice Department sent people to aid in starting demonstrations supporting the alleged victim. This added to the injustice. Much as the media referred to Zimmerman, Obama may be a “white black” or a “black white,” or a self-proclaimed black. Which will the media use?

Now, Obama wants to go after Zimmerman for civil-rights violations even when no evidence exists. Zimmerman should personally sue Obama, the Florida governor, prosecuting attorney Angela Corey who illegally filed charges, Eric Holder, CNN, ABC, CBS, Crump NAACP, Jesse Jackson, the Black Panthers, and Al Sharpton for slander, defamation of character, and endangering the entire Zimmerman family and that of an elderly couple not involved at all who had to vacate their home. These actions are outside the authority of the law and justify personal individual lawsuits.

The only global warming is Obama’s encouraging a racial climate of violence. He has broken every promise he has made and is ruining our country. Article 3, Section 3 of our Constitution defines treason. Allowing radical Islamists into our country by not enforcing the law at the border and providing aid to terrorists who are enemies with many other breaches of law surely meets the justification for impeachment, including treason.

Stand tall and demand our representatives do their job now. Beat the rush and impeach Obama. The time is running short and violence that he wishes on us is around the corner.

Danny Lanning is a resident of Stephens City.