Open Forum: ‘Noth-eeng’

Posted: December 18, 2013

Can President Obama’s (a.k.a. Sgt. Shultz) claim to know “noth-eeng” of scandals that have occurred under his administration extend to citizens losing their doctors and insurance due to ObamaCare, including employee-provided, in 2014? Proof exists that he knew in 2010 that millions of policies would be canceled.

His lies that if you like your policy and your doctor you can keep them are serial fraud. Now volunteer fire departments might have to close due to ObamaCare’s requirements for employee-provided health insurance and the IRS.

He claimed ignorance in Fast & Furious (which resulted in hundreds of women and children being murdered), the numerous requests for more security in Benghazi (resulting in the murder of four Americans), and the attack on religious, conservative, and pro-Israel organizations by the IRS. The claims of ignorance go on and on.

The lies by Hillary Clinton and Obama about Benghazi would arouse suspicion of their involvement in those murders. If Hillary Clinton is elected as president with all the body bags following her, will she continue with the socialist health care? She tried in 1994. Another scandal has been exposed, that of cooking unemployment numbers to look good 30 days before Obama’s 2012 re-election.

Millions protested this disaster to come; we should have listened to them. Maybe when Democrats and Main Street media called them racist, right-wing nuts, Astroturf, and terrorists it was a warning to America. What those protesters were saying has come true.

Now some Main Street media are stating that ObamaCare is a racist term. Maybe it should be changed to ObamaKill since it endangers us all.

Co-dictator “Prince Harry” Reid has changed the rules of the Senate that existed for more than 200 years to confirm Obama’s appointments to office with Democrats only. This gives more power to Obama. A recent confirmation is Alejandro Mayorkas to DHS. He and his agency are already under investigation for visa application decisions made involving an electric car company associated with Terry McAuliffe, our governor-elect.

The contribution of thousands of dollars by an Obama PAC to the campaign of the independent Libertarian candidate for governor to pull votes away from the Republican candidate is really rigging an election, just as was cooking those unemployment numbers.

Obama and Virginia Sens. Warner and Kaine feel their oath to the Progressive Democratic Party takes precedence over their oath to the Constitution and the American people. Warner and Kaine have failed Virginia. They and all Democrats who voted for ObamaKill lied to us. We have to stand up to this attack on the freedom we have lost loved ones to protect. No flagrant liar is of good character to represent Virginia or America.

Danny Lanning is a resident of Stephens City.