Open Forum: ‘ObamneyCare’ alternatives

Posted: November 5, 2012

Our legislators condemn our national health-care law, ObamaCare, but offer no concrete, specific, written improvements before repeal.

Without the protection provided by the Affordable Care Act, the deregulated insurance companies would smell blood and return to prey on the sick and healthy for profit.

ObamaCare is the same law as RomneyCare, the current successful health-care law in Massachusetts designed by the same architect, Jonathan Gruber. This combination of the two, or “ObamneyCare,” is the same law.

Sen. Jill Vogel addressed Virginia women with her state-mandated, vaginal probe bill (characterized in Your Views in The Winchester Star as the “state rape bill”). Gov. McDonnell signed it into law after amending it to better position himself as a possible candidate for U.S. vice president.

Mrs. Vogel is supporting ObamneyCare repeal and should include in her alternative health bill coverage for this unfounded state mandate. Also, Mrs. Vogel should forbid the insurance companies from surcharging Virginia an additional 60 percent for the same premium as a man, a current practice that will be outlawed under ObamneyCare.

George Allen, running for the U.S. Senate again, supports ObamneyCare repeal but also provides no written alternative.

Mr. Allen supports Paul Ryan’s H.R. 212 personhood bill establishing a human at conception. The resulting economic burdens on Virginia women and we men need to be addressed in Mr. Allen’s plan.

Because personhood defines a human being as a fertilized egg, most forms of birth control, all abortions, and in vitro fertilization may be classified as murder. Two of Mitt Romney’s grandchildren were born through in vitro fertilization. Families may have to consider a trip to Mexico for the family planning.

Frank Wolf recommends ObamneyCare repeal without offering his written alternative. In the July 6, 2012, edition of The Star, Mr. Wolf suggested that insurance companies “should cover preexisting conditions and not drop coverage for people who get sick. If they don’t, he said Congress should require it and ‘embarrass them.’”

What would “embarrass them,” Mr. Wolf, is just the opposite — the inability to increase preconditions or indiscriminately drop coverage. The insurance companies are the original death panels. They routinely have thrown “Momma” from the train.

The rest of the advanced world gets it. A viable national health-care law provides national security and economic competitiveness.

The United States spends more per person on health care and ranks 37th in health outcomes. The socialized health-care law in Israel automatically deducts premiums from paychecks. Great Britain celebrated its national health law in a 15-minute segment during the 2012 Olympics opening ceremonies. Germany beat the United States in economic mobility through its national health law enabling apprentices and professionals to pursue their talents and goals rather than an insurance plan.

In the United States, 55 percent of personal bankruptcies resulted from health costs. And of that 55 percent, 75 percent had health insurance but their insurance companies dropped coverage when they got sick. Our system of insurance for profit over health failed them.

Our politicians/legislators are Obama-haters, Obama-lovers, and somewhere in between. We understand that as they throw at us word salads in the diatribe du jour.

But what we need from them as their employers is their help to improve ObamneyCare or supply us with a written superior health plan. Go big or go home.

This is the political season of bumper-sticker mentalities such as: “Protect and improve ObamneyCare, Only ‘In God we trust.’ All others show us your plan.”

J.E. Williams is a resident of Frederick County.