Open Forum: Played for fools

Posted: June 26, 2013

What is happening to our country? Our leadership seems unable to conduct itself in a competent and professional manner.

The most shocking revelation is that our president, the CEO of our administrative and executive branches of government, gets his information from the morning newspaper. It seems his aides have full authority to determine what is of interest to our national security, but no authority to wake him from his night’s sleep.

The IRS breaks laws and loses the receipts for its $4 million conference. Those who broke those laws are either still working or on a prolonged vacation at taxpayer expense. The IRS also can’t figure out how to determine if more than one tax refund went to the same address much less 2,000 to the same address (once again, your money).

Then there is the issue of why two IRS employees visited the White House nearly 500 times. They say they were planning for the health-care rollout, but why drive when there is email? (Emails must be saved, so if you don’t want anyone to know what you’re doing you have to say it face to face.)

The Justice Department can’t figure out who let guns be sold to drug gangs. Now we find out Eric Holder doesn’t have any idea what documents he’s signing. Justice also attacks states for asking for proof you are eligible to vote, but can release illegal immigrants on a promise.

Not surprisingly, we find out the government of Hong Kong let Edward Snowden, the spy, leave the country because the United States “did not fully comply with legal requirements under Hong Kong law” when they asked for him to be detained. That’s our State Department for you; they were able to totally rewrite the narrative on Benghazi, but now blow this.

For me, the latest sign that our country has lost its moral compass and collective mind is the lawsuit filed by the EEOC against Dollar General and BMW. The EEOC alleges that, since minorities make up two-thirds of the prison population, using criminal background checks for prospective employees is racist.

Aside from the very obvious reasons Dollar General would need to know if someone is a thief (ever notice employment applications don’t ask your race?), today’s news brings out a perfect example of why we need background checks.

A recently released sex offender befriended a woman and her children and while taking them shopping at Walmart he abducted her 12-year-old daughter. They found her murdered. Sex offenders, as with drug addicts, are driven by compulsion, not some lame inability to form a relationship with a woman.

Do you want your wife or daughter walking in a dark parking lot at work with someone like this who is a co-worker? Do you or your loved one want to be confined in a work environment with someone with uncontrollable violence issues? Do you really think the people at EEOC want to work with a murderer or serial rapist? I’ll bet they have ways around that, but they are using your money to sue these companies.

The hypocrisy in all of this is that several branches of the federal government aggressively defend abortion in spite of the fact it amounts to genocide of black and Hispanic minorities. Only 1 percent of abortions are done due to rape or incest, 6 percent for health reasons, and 93 percent just to murder an undelivered child for convenience. Black women are three times more likely to have an abortion, and Hispanic women two times more likely. Why then does our government not protect the rights of the unborn against this racist attack?

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get involved with your government. Our government is being run with our money in a most corrupt, incompetent manner. They are using your money to do it. They are going to tax you for health care, but exempt their staff.

The president is on a $100 million vacation using our money. And, when something goes wrong no one knows anything, those who do hide the ones that did it, and our president finds out about it in the morning paper. No matter whether you pull the voting booth lever with a “D,” “R,” or “I,” we are all being played for fools. Ask our senators and congressman to fix the broken parts, and stop the foolishness now before we can do nothing to stop the collapse of this “civilization.”

Jim Novotny is a resident of Winchester.