Open Forum: Polar opposites

Posted: November 5, 2012

If you need a good laugh, and I mean a gut-splitter, read (or reread) Kevin Kennedy’s Open Forum in the Oct. 19 Star.

In all of Kevin’s (and Pamela’s) letters to the editor, their first item always, of many on their grievance list, is clearly the high contempt they show for The Star and its “supporters.” Kevin, they are also known as paying customers functioning in the marketplace, who pay with their hard-earned money, for the print and electronic media, The Star produces.

After excoriating The Star, Kevin and Pamela both pummel anyone who doesn’t agree with them. The laughable part is that Kevin and Pamela have no connection to reality. Why keep writing letters, and using The Star as your forum, if your dislike of others’ freedom of speech is so intense?

Your “Something for Nothing” blogpost must not have taken off to the stratosphere as planned? I thought you both would be retired in Tahiti by now, enjoying the fruits of your discontent. Perhaps you and Pamela exchanged pleasantries in the blogpost, and no one else responded?

Kevin, the irony screams out for logic, as do your recycled Democrat Party redistribution talking points. Kevin, don’t find fault; find a remedy. Anybody can complain, ad nauseam, like you do.

During the 2008 campaign, President Obama fooled a lot of people. He will not fool those people again. Back then, he could have sold you swampland and had you convinced you’d just bought beachfront property. That won’t happen this time, Kevin. If reelected, the Obama regime’s approach to the economy would simply continue exactly the same as it has been for the next four years, and the truth is well known to everyone by now:

 Raise taxes on businesses, and penalize business owners and anyone producing value and generating capital. Demonize success and the resultant job creators who foster it (those are the guys who hire people, Kevin).

 Spend every penny collected in taxes, but don’t stop there!

 Borrow every additional penny you can — not just from Americans, but from governments, central banks, and investors all around the world — and then spend that money, too.

 Print trillions of greenbacks — unlimited numbers of paper dollars — and spend those, too.

Of course, Obama’s opponent, Mitt Romney, knows that the Obama approach has not only failed for four years, but also that it’s a recipe for disaster that it will ultimately destroy the economy with unpayable debt. Devalue the dollar down to nothing and destroy its buying power, and drive the cost of living into a hyperinflationary environment.

Mr. Romney says we must cut taxes across the board, cut spending, cut our 1.5 trillion dollar yearly deficits, and stop the Federal Reserve money-printing out of thin air. And do so without destroying what little is left of economic activity in this country.

Let’s not kid ourselves, It would be nearly impossible to imagine two visions for America that were as polar opposite as Obama’s and Romney’s. This election, more than any in my six decades on the planet, will have an enormous, direct impact on each one of us personally. On your cost of living, your income, your taxes (ObamaCare is another letter in itself), the value of your home, gas prices, your savings, your retirement, and the freedoms your children and your children’s children will have left. We must change course.

We have lost hope. We need a change. The change we need is honest money, personal responsibility, and earned income. For the country’s future, support real change and vote for Mitt Romney, George Allen, and Frank Wolf.

Paul Wells is a resident of Bluemont.