Open Forum: Skewed logic

Posted: July 27, 2013

The Star printed two letters to the editor that touched on abortion that I would like to address. The first letter was by Howard Pohn on June 27.

In his letter, Mr. Pohn states that “there is a vast difference between people who are pro-abortion and those who are pro-choice. Very few people who are pro-choice are in favor of abortion. But they feel it is a woman’s or couple’s choice as to whether to terminate a pregnancy.”

By Mr. Pohn’s definition, those who are pro-choice accept the couple’s decision to abort. In doing so, they show themselves to be pro-abortion, since the opposite, to be pro-life, would mean that they reject the couple’s decision to abort. Mr. Pohn’s argument that there seems to be a “vast difference” between those who are pro-abortion and those who are pro-choice does not seem to be valid.

The second letter is P.C. Richards’ letter of May 21. One portion of P.C.’s letter states, “and God forbid if a young woman gets sexually assaulted; the fetus must not be aborted, even if it may emerge drug-addicted or a moron.”

Apparently, P.C. is advocating abortion because the child “may” be born a drug addict or a moron. As far as I know, neither of these conditions in a newborn baby is a crime worthy of death. And even if they were, what P.C. is advocating is that the punishment be carried out before it is known that the “crime” has been committed.

He is advocating aborting the baby now because it “may” be born drug-addicted or a moron. Based on that logic, we should incarcerate P.C. now, because he “may” become a bank robber. Rightly, however, we do not, because he has not committed the crime. Just so the baby, who has not committed a crime, should be allowed to live.

While it is possible that the baby is a moron, it is also possible that the baby grows up and finds a cure for AIDS or does some other good deed. However, following P.C.’s stance, the baby will never have a chance.

It is only in retrospect that one can tell if one’s life was lived for good or evil or some mix of the two. Punishment should be reserved to those who have committed crimes, not those who “may” perpetrate them.

David Jaswa is a resident of Stephens City.