Open Forum: Sleeping

Posted: October 23, 2013

Earlier this month, the government was in crisis mode and had shut down national parks to law-abiding Americans. They erected “barrycades” around our war memorials on the National Mall, and even went as far as to erect “barrycades” at Mount Vernon, which is privately owned. In addition to these closures, they made statements about the denial of food stamps, payments to veterans families, and a host of other things to scare the populous and to blame the Republicans for this crisis.

The federal government closed the parks so World War II veterans could not visit their memorial. Yet on Oct. 8, it allowed a rally for immigration reform because it fits with the agenda in Washington.

California has enacted a law to give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses because they need identification to operate in this country yet we refuse to require an ID when someone goes to vote because that might be discrimination. We even refuse to call those who break our immigration laws illegal. We must call them undocumented Americans. We arrested and ticketed Americans who went over “barrycades” at our parks yet Washington gives a pass to all those breaking our immigration laws.

This problem is not the fault of the Republicans or Democrats. The problem is solely the responsibility of the American people. We have elected these professional politicians to office time and time again. We have empowered these people with a sense of entitlement and job ownership they should not have. The politician in Washington, as well as the one in our own back yard, is not out there looking out for you. The politician is only interested in one thing — how to get power, and how to stay in power.

Too many of my friends and acquaintances have allowed themselves to remain uneducated about the issues that surround our nation and our communities. When they hear the media point to this party or that group and call them radicals and crazies the uniformed voter naturally assumes it is so.

You may be saying to yourself, “I am not an uniformed voter.” How many times have you read the U.S. Constitution? If your answer is once or never, guess what you are. Too many of our citizens still think the words “separation of church and state” are written in our Constitution. Too many of our citizens cast a ballot because they like this guy’s personality and never look at what he or she stands for.

We are the ones to blame for the state of our nation. We have gone to sleep and forgotten what made us great in the first place. We need to hold these despots accountable for their actions and kick them all out of office. It is “we the people,” and not “me, the politician.” We need term limits; we need them now.

Edward S. Sturdivant is a resident of Frederick County