Open Forum: Spurious ‘wars’

Posted: April 17, 2014

As I read our current headlines about “Ukraine’s Battle for Unity Amid Unrest,” I reflect on our own country’s battle for civil rights when we sent busloads of activists into the South to foment the same unrest. Sounds like the same tactics Vladimir Putin is using to take over Ukraine. Our changes were for the good; Putin’s goals are not so good.

As I further take in all the unrest in our own country, I wonder how it all started. We have the War on Poverty, a Culture War, a War on Women, Class Warfare, War on Religion, the Environmental War, and the War against Greedy Capitalists. Even the AARP is reporting on the reality of a “War between the Old and the Young.” ObamaCare is basing a war between the young and the old by sucking money away from the young and healthy to offset the costs of the old and sick.

Whatever happened to the old values of togetherness, where we looked after and cared for each other in our communities throughout the land? In a religiously based spirit of caring, we looked out for each other as well as those not so fortunate within our communities. (But then, we’ve also been waging a war against God for decades, haven’t we?)

Even after a half-century of attempts to divide us into ethnic groups and pit us against each other, most of us still have a spirit of caring, even though “inner city” values have nearly totally taken over from our country’s earlier values.

Unfortunately, like eastern Ukraine but perhaps more slowly, unrest in our land is also gaining momentum by subtly pushing voters to support these spurious “wars” within our own nation. The most recent confrontation between heavily armed BLM police and the ranchers attests to the efforts to keep a current war between the Government and the People in the news as the IRS scandal fades slightly into the background.

With the benefit of hindsight, I look back over the years and wonder how all these wars started. I can’t recall any time that the Republicans pushed anyone over a cliff or accused anyone of creating a war on any group, least of all women. (We respect our women.)

All of these war scenarios seem to have originated from and by the other side. All these accusations of racism and corruption have emanated from the Democrats clear back to the pre-election charge that George Bush was AWOL while in the serving in the military.

The main fault of the Republicans seems to have been they haven’t responded effectively and sooner to the charges flooding down from the other direction. It’s also disappointing that the general public is so naïve in absorbing everything they hear without listening to the any other point of view.

I’m only sure of one thing, and that is that if we continue with the rate of divisiveness affecting our nation, we will no longer be the “shining city upon a hill” we have been to the world for the past century. Perhaps it’s too late already.

John Mallery is a resident of Berryville.