Open Forum: ‘Three things’

Posted: December 4, 2012

Three things I noticed on Nov. 30, and they are listed below.

FIRST: There was on the news a story of a policeman buying boots and socks for a shoeless and barefoot homeless person. It drew quite an interest worldwide on the Internet. Was it noteworthy because it is rare, or because it was done by a policeman, and/or because it was a kind act? Probably because it was all three.

SECOND: There was the recurring use of race by Democratic Party members, especially by the members of the “Black Caucus” in Congress. We all recognize that such use of race is inappropriate and unfortunate.

I notice with interest that the recognized “Civil Rights Workers” of the 1950s are all black. I was a member of the community of Arlington in the 1950s and recall many, many white men and women who worked in civil rights.

One in particular was a doctor of geology with the government, and a Jew. He and his wife worked tirelessly in civil rights — he spending many a weekend in jail for his efforts and finally losing his government job.

They finally moved to Canada so he could go to work in his chosen field. It would be nice if the current “Civil Rights Workers” could acknowledge the fact that black and white worked to rectify unjust civil-rights wrongs.

THREE: My wife was not up to shopping today, and I did the shopping for us. While going up and down the store aisles, I noticed several couples shopping who were my age (around 80) and in talking with one such couple I found they had been married 62 years!

My wife and I will be married 60 years in May of 2013. It would seem that longevity of marriage could be the result of “shopping together” — or it could be that the attitude of doing everything together in love is a contributing factor.

It is sad that many of the marriages today do not express more commitment by lasting for life.

Three things, and they all have one thing in common — kindness to our unknown brothers and sisters is unfortunately “rare” as is the “melting pot” known as America, where we have gone from governmental segregation to desegregation and back to the self-imposed black segregation, and finally the rareness of long-lasting marriages.

’Tis a shame!

L.H. Milotte Jr. is a resident of Stephens City.