Open Forum: Trip to the moon

Posted: June 25, 2013

It is clear to see that Warren Golightly (Open Forum, June 19) is back in orbit, conducting his interplanetary search yet again.

Warren, you and your Democrat Party sycophants may find a place that your activist and interventionist rhetoric could resonate. Your arguments in The Star Open Forum are so full of holes they look like Swiss cheese, so perhaps you may find a reception for them on the moon? Why don’t you stop up there next time and run out of gas while trolling for alien votes?

Your drivel is anathema to the citizens of Virginia and greater America. Your Democrat Party lapdogs may like large helpings of cow patties, but freedom-loving, Constitution-adhering Americans regurgitate.

The Obama chorus and the Democrat Party are bankrupt, literally and figuratively. For example, the Obama regime is currently spending $100 million for a trip to Africa with more than 125 staffers in tow, and yet we close down the White House, the “people’s house,” so that middle-school kids from Pennsylvania were prohibited from going on a field trip due to White House budget cuts?

You state that government “power is neutral”? Why then does the Obama administration and the Democrat Party want to make instant criminals out of responsible and law-abiding gun-owners by enacting “gun control” measures forced upon them? What part of “shall not be infringed” does the Democrat Party not understand? Is that neutral, Warren?

Instead of the Democrat Party beating the drums for abortion on demand with their clever sound byte about not interfering with “a woman’s right to choose,” how about not interfering with a pre-born baby’s right to choose? Shouldn’t that innocent victim of slaughter have a voice in the matter? Should it not be forced to getting sucked to death with tremendous pain? Not according to the Democrat Party and the “neutral government” you speak of, Warren. That is not a “right to choose.” That is a right to murder.

I could go on and on. The simple fact is that you and the Democrat Party candidate for governor, Terry McAuliffe, have the same refrain of the current Obama government as an activist entity. Interfering, far from “neutral” in every conceivable way, from runaway spending to unconstitutional mandates, ObamaCare forced down our throats, relentless pushing against the Second Amendment, and the IRS targeting specific groups.

Warren, I wouldn’t vote for Terry McAuliffe if you gave me a free ride to the moon. He is a disaster and another Obama bootlicker who would attempt to impose all of the above and more on the hard-working taxpayers of Virginia.

Have a good trip, Warren, and maybe take Terry McAuliffe with you the next time.

Paul Wells is a resident of Bluemont.