Open Forum: Zero tolerance

Posted: March 1, 2013

“Zero tolerance.” No two words could better describe the Democratic Party.

All about self-image and no substance, the party of the aggrieved has swerved from one hysterical reaction to another. Solutions don’t matter to the party of intolerance.

Making outrageous accusations in front of cameras is the way of things for these highly agitated members of our society. Their Lord and King Obama has led the way with his constant drumbeat of “They did it,” or “Mommy, the Republicans won’t let me play.”

Obama’s heavy-handed and mean-spirited contempt for large segments of our society is really all Democrats have to run on. Obama appeals to bigotry and petty hatreds, and uses them skillfully to maintain a submissive press.

Unbelievably, Obama has his minions convinced that the Constitution is no longer relevant because it was written by “old white people.” Right here in this newspaper, I have seen letters from Democrats who believe with their hearts and souls that we should abolish opposition parties now that Democrats are in the White House: “If only those vile Republicans would go away!” They honestly believe that “old white people” should have no representation, nor should anyone else who dares to form their own opinion.

I point to Chicago, a city Abraham Lincoln once called “a mean and nasty place.” Obama’s former adviser, the mayor of Chicago, took it upon himself to threaten the owners of Chick-fil-A. He told them in no uncertain terms, “Think exactly like I do, or get out of town. I will no longer grant you a business permit in my city. Your religious beliefs will not be tolerated!”

Zero tolerance, indeed. So much for “diversity.”

Obama’s arrogant message of intolerance is taking hold in our liberal cities. Firearms manufacturers are being told to fire their workers and get out of town. New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg is banning salt at restaurants, large sodas, and doing his best to install an Orwellian system that spies on Muslims where they worship, work, and play. Bloomberg may even be using drones “to watch over you” before the end of the year.

These are not “what if” scenarios. These are policies that never would have been implemented before Obama purposely polarized our society, and used intimidation to coerce the courts. My concern is that Obama is beginning the process of institutionalizing hatred and division.

The Star printed a letter of mine just last month, “Newsweek’s White Guilt,” where I pointed out that Newsweek, now only online, is owned by a 92-year white man and there is not a single African American on the staff. Yet Newsweek’s last cover read, “GOP, You’re old, you’re white, you’re history.”

“Old white people” is now a left-wing buzz phrase. My issue is the absolute absurdity of this phrase being used by white people. The American left has always been a very exclusive group of soft, pasty, lily-whites. They pretend to care about minorities, pretend to despise wealth, pretend to be tolerant, but they are absolutely the most hateful and hypocritical people in our society.

Seething with uncontrollable anger, they hit our streets with a mob mentality and set upon cars and shops in what they call peace marches, demonstrations, or protest. They don’t even need provocation, as demonstrated by the “Occupy” movement that I actually visited in Macpherson Square in D.C.

So what is it with the left’s new mantra, “Old white people”? Are they turning on Mommy and Daddy? Angry that they can’t use Daddy’s credit card while camping in rat dung with the other trust-fund babies in the Occupy movement? Has the left now excluded its older members? We all understand how just a whisper of “Halliburton” or “Cheney” or “Dubya” will grant you instant admittance into the lefty club, but “Old white people”?

I guess we’ll just have to wait for Obama to give them yet another enemy to rail against.

Better yet, maybe Obama can demand that the taxpayers cover the cost of mirrors for the left so they can take a good look at themselves and their oppressive policies.

B.J. Evans is a resident of Winchester.